Summer Watches: What to Choose?

If during the winter season we tend to wear watches classic neutral tones that match both elegant outfits that more casual look, it’s summer and we can indulge ourselves with the most original patterns in bright colors.

For many, the watch is a simple tool to keep your wrist in the know at all times that it is now, for others it is an indispensable accessory to complement and spice up your look, especially in the summer.

There are colorful models, water resistant and relatively inexpensive that are perfect for this season! We can choose the most suitable to our style, we can match them based on what we wear or simply change them according to your mood of the moment. I have selected some of the nicer watches to show off this summer. Veniteli to discover!

Plastic watches

The plastic watches the line “Colours Only Time “by Morellato (39 €) are really nice. They have the polycarbonate case and are available in 5 different colors. The blue model is the most unique and has the dial covered with Swarovski.

Are plastic, more specifically polyurethane, also the clocks from vitamin colors of the collection OPS! Cherie (45 €). White, lime green, purple, strawberry pink and turquoise are indeed the colors chosen by the brand to celebrate the summer.

Silicone watches

Even the clocks in the “collection sensoriality” of Hip Hop (35 €) are a good solution for the summer and are perfect to be paired with colorful bangles and bracelets. They have a silicon strap and white dial and are declined in 16 different colors.

When talking about silicone watches is impossible not to mention the unisex watches Full Spot who continue to collect a huge success. They are called O ‘Clock (19 €) and are available in 4 different sizes and in many different colors.

Swatch watches

The fans of the watches Swatch can not miss the collection ” Surfing The Wave ” that seems designed just for the summer lovers! Yellow clock with shaped dial of pineapple with the pink flamingos and hearts: the models of this particular collection is simply delicious (prices starting from 50 €).

The watches signed by big names

Clocks signed by the big brands are also colored: there are sports models, such as Kenzo (220 €) with iridescent bracelet or that of Marc Jacobs (170 €) in shades of blue, but there are proposed as the most elegant ‘ analog clock for Emporio Armani (299 €) in rose gold plated steel or the one signed Salvatore Ferragamo (740 €) with champagne-colored dial adorned with diamonds and leather strap. Of e-commerce as Farfetch and Luisaviaroma one they can find beautiful.

Vostok Amphibia Watch

And then there’s him, the clock that technology enthusiasts are waiting for months: the Vostok Amphibia Watch which will finally be available in Italy from June 26 . For more information about this new gem from Vostok Amphibia, visit the site.