Swatch Lacquered Watches Provide Deep Insights

Swatch has once again thought up something special and sweeten us the spring start with the new trendy Lacquered models. The design of the New Gent Lacquered collection was specifically designed to create an eye catcher: the watches are characterized by stylish and fashionable gloss lacquer surfaces. The work has been done with a fashionable color, so that every wrist that is adorned by such a watch guarantees all eyes. Approved by the Fashionistas certainly also the released dials of each of these ten Swatch watches: The complex clockwork is completely to see and was painted in beautiful contrast colors. This unique creation requires a highly sophisticated production process and proves again that Swatch always always focuses on technical brilliance. The color diversity of these new eyecatchers is as varied as the design, ranging from violet, indigo, pink to classic black and timeless white. This keeps the New Gent Lacquered collection the ideal watch for any occasion and mood!

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