Swell “Magic” Bottles Keeps Water Temperature For 24h

In addition to the benefits for those who like hot tea or cold water, the bottles are still environmentally friendly

You may be wondering why the “magic” in the title, and when you finish reading all the benefits of this bottle for sure you will also be complaining that she has not yet arrived in Brazil. Based on the need to transport drinks from one place to another and keep them in the most appropriate conditions of consumption, Swell developed a special bottle that conserves heat and cold, for a long time, besides containing several other differentials that the Make it ideal.

The bottle is available in black, blue, green, yellow, pink, red and silver, with metal body, which already reduces the plastic taste in the water, besides having high durability, which eliminates the need to have Different bottles of different materials for each purpose. The bottle supports the transport of cold drinks, from water to drinks, and keeps them at the ideal temperature for 24 hours (not an exaggeration, it has already passed tests). If your preference is for teas, coffees, hot chocolate, or any other beverage that is consumed hot, it retains the heat for 12 hours, perfect for a rainy afternoon reading under the blankets.

The packaging has thermal insulation made so that the bottle is not yours at all and will never wet your backpack, your material or any surface.The mouth of the bottle has a screw cap, simple and secure and a bottleneck wide enough for ice to pass through.As if that were not enough, the company is a partner of Water Aid, an agency that takes care of the natural water resources of the planet.

If this is still not enough, know that the diameter of the bottle is measured by the universal measures and fits in most of the cup holders and bottles that exist.For those who like wine, there is a variation of the special bottle for the drink and for those who have children, a smaller version can accompany the children’s snack.

Each bottle costs $ 35.00 ($ 45.00 for wine, $ 25.00 for mini), lasts for a long period, is hygienic, made 100% metal, leak-proof, non-toxic and all bottle sold Has part of the income collected from Water Aid. The purchase is made directly on the brand’s website.

Magic, is not it?