Swimwear for Surfing

This summer, it’s decided, you learn to tame the waves during your stay in Aquitaine (or Australia, for the lucky ones). Good beginner, you already have your board but don’t know what to choose for surfing. Nothing that for you, Guide-pool has decrypted the possibilities of combinations for surfing.

The Characteristics

Just like the combination of diving, the combination of surf (or snow) is made from neoprene. a material that is waterproof, resistant to sea water and chlorine. On the other hand, the combination of surf is designed differently and is generally thinner than his cousin of diving. More flexible, it allows greater freedom of movement, essential for the wipe-out and other cut-back. You may have guessed, if you intend to recycle your wetsuit, you did. On the other hand, the combination of surf can also agree to the practice of Bodyboarding and derivatives such as kitesurfing and windsurfing sports.

The Selection Criteria

The temperature of the water

This is the test number 1! Below 15 ° C, better is worth to opt for a full combination, which thickness is between 4 / 3mm and 5 / 3mm. The first digit corresponds to the thickness of the combination to the level of the chest (which requires a better thermal protection), the second the rest of the body.

Above 15 ° C, the thickness is reduced; between 3 / 2mm and 4 / 3mm. Under a Sun of lead, free you to choose a full suit or a jumpsuit (station to traces of tanning !). The more experienced can settle for a jacket surf (with or without sleeves), simply attached at the bottom of the swimsuit.


If you’re new, you do not necessarily have want to invest a lot of money in your surf equipment. So you can opt for a standard neoprene, which should also be perfectly for occasional; You can reuse it every summer without problem, as long as you treat it well.

If you intend to train regularly or extensively, it is better to choose a stretch neoprene: more flexible, it offers more possibilities of figures.

What About Maintenance?

To extend the life of your wetsuit, you need to apply these basic rules suggested by investtops.com:

-Remove your combination with tessé-ca-nice! In shooting, you may weaken the seams. Also avoid to remove it on the beach, because the grains of sand could damage. The trick: remove his standing suit, feet in a basin.

-Rinse your suit after each session… in cold water, to rinse the sweat and kill bacteria (as well as the odors of urine, it seems that this is normal).

-From time to time, you can wash your combination in the tub with a bit of SOAP or detergent. To disinfect it totally (after having lent or if you opt for a combination of opportunity), some brands offer specific products such as the Bacterless of the C.M.A. laboratories

-Never put your combination in machine, and allow to dry upside down. Wait until completely dry before putting it away, to avoid the risk of mold.