T + A Pulsar S 350 in the Test

T + A saves the housing material and committed to high-performance chassis. The test shows whether the Bill goes up.

The companies the Herforder HiFi forge T + A motto “Theory and application” known to be. How does so, to build a large booth box as the pulsar S 350, which should offer the most important hi-fi virtues such as neutrality, Dynamics and performance, and keep it affordable? It’s simple: You leave them finished, where larger quantities at a low production cost are possible in China. To save costs, S renounced T + A for the pulsar 350 deliberately expensive housing surfaces – glossy foil or cooking real wood veneer you are looking for here in vain. A resistant to fingerprints, Matt Black structure film covers the complete housing. The budget thus saved could the developers focus on a proper construction of housing and invest in high-performance chassis.

T + A pulsar S 350: construction

Both 17-bass to settle on the playback for up to 300 Hz. To avoid interference, they are positioned very far from each other. As a membrane material, carbon-fibre-reinforced paper with a grooved surface is used – a construction that is found in similar form in the criterion series. The opening of the reflex system tailored to 36Hz flows between the two woofers. The midrange takes over until 2, 3 kHz a 15 cm cone with dampened paper Cone and grants developed 25 mm tweeter with fabric dome then a new field. This is until 30 kHz but can affect rich, which although is above the audibility of man – in the form of inter modulation distortion of the tweeter. A waveguide optimizes the directivity of the dome so that any distortions in the presence area can occur in conjunction with the midrange.

With a combination of multiple glued Fiberboard, MDF, better internal damping and thus a more controlled bass reproduction should be possible. With the rounded corners of the sound wall, who wanted T + A-developers avoid the emergence of sound damaging edge reflections.

Hearing test

The silky, warm timbre in the treble was awarded the T + A a sympathetic note, the impulsive acoustic recordings such as with ‘made in France’ by Philipp Wiechert & Sönke my (PhiliSöphical) helped to a more natural, almost concert-like reproduction. It formed off the different some more complex playing techniques with staccato – or toque parts with a phenomenal lightness and speed.

The T + A played more with control than with raw muscle power in the bass. Because despite their full Tieftons she always kept a certain distance and so was mistress of the situation. Thanks to sounding Foundation nimble and controlled, even low-bass recordings such as “Out On The Tiles” benefited from Led Zeppelin (Zeppelin III) of a balanced punchy bass. Only at especially loud and actually practice unsuitable levels , testers noted that the T + A felt slightly uncomfortable.

But the greatest strength of pulsar S350 was clear to play stage in a convincing way. Measure the Display depth could be easily epic or Tannoy with those: the spatial impression in “Down To The River To Pray” from the soundtrack of the Coen classic “Oh brother where art thou?” took away the otherwise so comment joyful AUDIOTestern anyway, the breath. This especially was clean dissolved game of the mid-bass responsible, which could represent the single choir voices both in width and depth without any tonal discoloration . As been his colleague, bass he also kept a cool head and rewarded the listener with an accurate picture of votes and contributed to a highly detailed figure with the tweeter.