Tactical And Military Knives

This type of knives are characterized by the fact that they are designed and designed for use other than cooking and hunting, generally for use by military and police around the world, but now are used by hikers and hunters because they are practical knives for many applications.

Three kinds of tactical knives

When we talk about tactical knives we are also talking about special knives or knives and military machetes, even so-called Survival Knives that are nothing more than tactical knives with a compartment in the handle to carry survival tools such as pins, needles, scalpel , Thread, mirrors, water purification tablets, dye, buttons, safety pin and many other things, especially the compass that is usually placed on the handle lid.

The three types of knives are:

– The folding knife or tactical knife, which is used by Newvilleoutdoor.com to cut, remove the skin to an animal, open a wound, or simply to use it as eating knife.

– The tactical knife , itself, used to remove the bark of a stick, make an arrow with a branch, open an animal or as a weapon of defense.

– The machete, the biggest of the knives. It has a single edge that combines with saws on top of the blade and is used to cut through the undergrowth, chopping prey to prepare food, cutting large branches and tactically as a defense weapon against large animals.


A good knife starts with a good steel, usually stainless steel obtained from the alloy with other metals such as molybdenum widely used in the professional cutlery industry.

The steel is supplied to the cutters in the form of sheets , in the thickness of the blade of the knife, and is cut by cutting blades or cutters with the exact shape of the blade.

These leaves are the soul of the knives, and are placed one by one in the emptying machine, which is responsible for grinding or give the final shape to the blade but after mounting on the handle will proceed to a more refined sharpening, Because the shape left by the casting does not give it a cut and that is why they should be sharpened when the assembly process is finished.

The handles of these knives are manufactured in various materials , from natural wood, deer or bull horn, polymers and plastic materials, although some models of knives are left uncoated and the handle is cut off to make it lighter by that part . Generally, the knives with steel handle are manufactured in one piece and have double edged, are perfectly balanced and are also known as “pitchers”.