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Color Story: Trend Color Red – in the Name of Water Melon

Love watermelon, we know each other for years very well and today we celebrate you. In America today national day of watermelon, we took this as an opportunity to explain red to our color of the month August and to introduce lots of beautiful and fiery innovations in the trend colour red. Continue reading Color Story: Trend Color Red – in the Name of Water Melon

Romwe Shopping Online

Arrive in August, the goods still in the balance is undergoing the downside if we are not indifferent, and lucky enough to find the sizes we are interested we can make mega business. The discounts touch dizzying peaks, and if the first few weeks we had to content ourselves with the skimpy 20% or 30%, now you can also find excellent 60% and 70%!

Among the many offers of the network, perhaps there we ever talked about Romwe. And ‘an e-commerce site dedicated to clothing and accessories quite famous now, always offers fabulous opportunities, which are amplified in the balances on time. Since prices have dropped to -60, do not think it is appropriate to take a look?

Continue reading Romwe Shopping Online