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They Want to Know Where You are: Apple, Google and Nokia

The web giant Amazon announced this week a new API for developers to add geographic location applications for the Kindle HD devices and Kindle Fire HD, the latest onslaught of Amazon in dispute with Apple, creator of the iPad, and some manufacturers in cahoots with the ecosystem Android. Now, according to the website The Next Web, we have confirmation that Amazon will use technology Nokia for maps and geolocation. What does that mean? Who started the race by its geographical location.

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iPhone Automatically Upload Photos

Smartphone is art! The artist Johannes Osterhoff who now publicly shows his iPhone is apparently with this view. As soon as Osterhoff presses the home button, his cell phone automatically takes a screenshot and uploads it.

Interesting concept, which of course cannot be avoided, telephone numbers and other data are uploaded. About the artist’s show, you apparently but certainly do not need to be worried, and it’s art after all.