Apple Introduces The Intelligent Clock Company, Apple Watch

During the traditional One more thing (or “something else”, in Portuguese), the launch event of the new iPhone, this Tuesday (9/9), Tim Cook showed the long-awaited smart clock company, called Apple Watch. “The Apple Watch is the most personal device we’ve ever created,” said the CEO of the company. With a screen of retina fusional, laminated with […]



Members of Parliament need a new technical equipment on a regular basis. The resulting costs ensure however repeatedly for discussions. In the UK Parliament, it is now once again so far.


Test Case Noreve iPhone

Protect your precious machine, she deserves it! Then after have already proposed you tests of accessories to enhance your iPhone, here’s a new review of an iPhone case, this one is French since proposed by Noreve society, located in Saint-tropez.


They Want to Know Where You are: Apple, Google and Nokia

The web giant Amazon announced this week a new API for developers to add geographic location applications for the Kindle HD devices and Kindle Fire HD, the latest onslaught of Amazon in dispute with Apple, creator of the iPad, and some manufacturers in cahoots with the ecosystem Android. Now, according to the website The Next […]


iPhone Automatically Upload Photos

Smartphone is art! The artist Johannes Osterhoff who now publicly shows his iPhone is apparently with this view. As soon as Osterhoff presses the home button, his cell phone automatically takes a screenshot and uploads it. Interesting concept, which of course cannot be avoided, telephone numbers and other data are uploaded. About the artist’s show, […]


Is the New iPad Mini Small

There are media that you trust easily. This includes of course the New York Times who writes in your Sunday paper, about an iPad mini. So the newspaper is journal, which has information about the 7.85-inch tablet, supposedly now the third great apart from Bloomberg and the Wall Street.