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Less Bra Beneficial Than We Thought!

They have always told us that this undergarment is the best tool to keep firm our chest, but recent research shows just the opposite.

One of the things that we love to do when I get home is get rid of secured r, and thus make way for comfort after using it a whole day. However many women feel regret spending too long without it, and some more extreme use it even to sleep .

And, always, we have heard that the use of bra helps prevent our chest to fall prematurely, offering support and also allowing a sensual look neckline. But science now shows that our beliefs were apparently very wrong.

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The Perfect Bra For You

As is the case with our garments, when choosing a bra must seek above all comfort and safety. A bad choice can pose risks to the health of our chest. Then we reveal the keys to succeed in the pursuit of bra perfect. Roces and itchy skin, muscle pain in the back, chest discomfort …. These are only some of the possible consequences of a bad choice of our bra. The chest is an area of the body to which we pay great attention and give special care. Therefore, it is more important than bet on the functionality rather than fashion or design of a pretty bra, especially if you have a hearty chest.

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The Angel Of Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Poses Elsa Hosk Halloween

Victoria’s Secret is preparing for his next show , in December, as well as Halloween night. The scariest holiday of the year is here, and the signing of lingerie took the opportunity to present their proposals lookbook lingerie for October 31. And what better to do it with one of their recent signings, the Swedish model Elsa Hosk.

The model 26 was chosen a few months ago as one of the new angels of Victoria’s Secret. And the very Elsa Hosk explained in an exclusive interview what it means for her to become one of the ambassadors of the famous lingerie firm. Judge him yourselves in the video! I advised that the video is in English.

The bodies are the main star of this signature collection to be sexy on Halloween. The Swedish model poses in suggestive and provocative attitude, with some of the bodies and sets in shades like red for this year. The knickers with thematic messages Halloween are other new this lookbook which she stars.

If you want to disguise of sexy kitties , you can do with bodies such as the model looks in this photo shoot. The print web is another of the star prints for the collection of clothes from Victoria’s Secret for Halloween.  All items in the collection they are intended for the scariest night of the year, and to disguise it us with provocative bodies or diabolic corsets. Characters like the angel and the devil are more than present in this collection, which wants us not forget the lingerie tonight as magical and special.