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Velor Ribbon Bracelet with Pendants

This is a cool bracelet for the summer! Made easy with velor Ribbon, a toggle clasp and pretty Pendants. Processed, the toggle clasp is slightly different than the normal. In this, you have left a small eyelet for the Pendants.


-about 50 cm of velor Ribbon of your choice
-a medium-sized toggle clasp (I have a square used)
-1 end piece for velor Ribbon
-3 or 4 jump rings
-1 short rivet pin
-Pendants and bead of your choice.

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Silver Bracelets: The Ideal For You

Silver bracelets have always been in our history , have been synonymous with elegance and purity. That is why it is not strange that the ancients believed that this metal was a gift from the moon, as gold was from the sun.

But for an item so necessary for any jeweler, male or female, there are too many options on the market,how to choose which one is right for you? How do you know which one goes for each occasion?

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Loom Bracelets for Your Feet

Bracelet foot is an accessory that is a favorite of the majority of the fair sex. And although the outside is still not completely slippers and sandals, we decided to introduce several bracelets and give you advice on their wear.

Bracelets feet have worn since the Sumerians, who lived nearly five millennia. During excavations of the Sumerian tombs were found skeletons curve legs made from various stones and metals.

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