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Brooch With Rubies

It is written Verbum Car. There are controversies about your meaning, since this expression is present in the Bible with the meaning the word became flesh (and dwelt among us). Interpreted in this way, the play becomes almost a religious symbol. His owner, Millicent Rogers, said that Verbum–in this first of many pieces designed by her and performed by Flato-meant A word to my dear, referring probably to the husband number 2. Continue reading Brooch With Rubies

Pins for Men’s Suits

We hear little about the pins for man; Yet, this accessory finds favor with the shops, to my delight. Your dandy went on an excursion on the web to see what was good. And oddly enough, sites that I liked be counted on the fingers of the hand.

Let it be said, the exercise of the port of the PIN in humans is far from simple: since it is a rather rare coquetry, your badge will be immediately spotted, scrutinized and gauged, consciously or not, by dozens of pairs of eyes that épieront you without respite. Continue reading Pins for Men’s Suits