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Jon Kortajarena Is The Cover L’Officiel Hommes China

We have been a time, not much, in that you don’t talk about one of our most international models, Jon Kortajarena, But today has earned it and more. And it is that the Basque top stars in the cover of one of the Bibles of the male fashioneo, as it is L’Officiel Hommes, in this edition China. Continue reading Jon Kortajarena Is The Cover L’Officiel Hommes China

Curiosity: Bizarre Shirts of Football Teams

The canopy is coming, and we already know our green and yellow well. And you who are a passionate supporter and make a point of parading around with your heart team’s shirt probably have a favorite uniform or even keeps a collection of commemorative versions released over the years. However, although the creation of these pieces is a serious business, sometimes the designers err ugly, and the poor players are forced to face their opponents wearing bizarre outfits. Continue reading Curiosity: Bizarre Shirts of Football Teams

Cold Fashion Women’s Coats

Some say cold coats are just for winter. I disagree. The weather is not always of the most hot and on a trip or locations where the climate is more intense than the your, coats are required, and so are not investments for use only for three months in a year.Are also in your most timeless. Little change in trends and so worth the invested in several models. Also increase the visual.

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Fur Coat Fashion Show

Already looking at the images of the collection plus size winter coats of the big brands one thing was immediately jumped to the eye: the fur would have been one of the great protagonists of the next season. Soft, warm, enveloping: in short, the perfect companion for day and night in the cold temperatures. The world of fashion enthusiasts is divided between those who love them and those who would prefer that brands increasingly ecological variants chose rather than the animals. We, meanwhile, we offer some of the most interesting proposals that we have seen on past walkways. Continue reading Fur Coat Fashion Show

Fleece Jacket Good for Winter

For some of us will take a strong fleece thoughts purely a winter ski trip or bring the younger the memory of the time when my mother still chose to wear upon us. And after all, it is the mother knew this too – fleece jacket really is winter and cold weather, the public safe choice. Lounge Qualification for it probably never will be, but good, functional and good-looking and in need of everyday basic apparel for all. It needs fleece jacket is the perfect choice. Fleece made a breakthrough just skiing outfits with colorful 80s. Fortunately, this time range is also sufficient skill in classical style.

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Men’s Winter Jacket Buying Guide

Body type as slim, sturdy, athletes like a belly even can choose a jacket, which is a solid color, or has longitudinal stripes. Thigh and knee-length is also suitable for all men.

Body type influence the choice of a coat. Slew a man is a good idea to consider what kind of coat flatters her body.

Needless longitudinal cuts and straight sleeves to flatter the body of all types of men, including women. The deep V-neckline and moderate collar and shawl collar dress their all men.

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