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Valentine’s Day:What to Buy?

Gifts for boyfriends: Lobster Lingerie tips!

Tough question, but I bet you’ve made: what to choose to give on Valentine’s day?

In these moments beats that indecision. Both women as men end up asking questions like:”will he like this underwear?”, “does this corset combines with the style her?”.

Present whom we love really is something that requires a bit of effort for that moment become unforgettable! But it’s worth it. After all, everyone likes to receive a gift that surpasses expectations. Continue reading Valentine’s Day:What to Buy?

Corset XXL for Casual Wear? Why Not!

They’re plump, does not mean you can not dress feminine and elegant. On the contrary! Your full shape of a woman’s style of dress they say. We bring you a little inspiration, how to do it.

Whether you prefer skirts or trousers, in both cases can be given a piece of clothing suitable to be supplemented corset. How the Right Corset XXL choose? The less ceremoniously corset looks, the more suited for casual wear.

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