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Penha Shopping (SP) Brings Exhibition Of Old Bicycles To Its Customers

A means of transportation on two wheels also used for entertainment gains exposure in Shopping Penha. Already open to the public, the exhibition “The World on Two Wheels” presents twelve models of old bicycles that will make the public travel in time. They are models from the 1940s and 1970s, as well as two circus copies and other curious items such as the giant wheel bikes known as the American Star of 1880 and Penny Farthing, created in 1860. A true history lesson for visitors. Continue reading Penha Shopping (SP) Brings Exhibition Of Old Bicycles To Its Customers

Johan Olsson Cycling

Bike culture: the triumph on the World Cup 50 km event at Val di Fiemme went straight into all the Swedish sporting heart. Precisely because the Swede pulled it off like no one thought possible. Bicyclings Niklas Instedt met Johan Olsson – feat skiers who love to ride.

Since the current Olympic season, the winter games in Sochi will be inaugurated as familiar on February 7, started in May with national team camps in Mallorca, Johan Olsson managed to stay unusually healthy and well. An early season that promises to be his most intensive training.

“When I prepare myself before my last winter at the elite level, I want to make it to 110%, and not leave anything to chance. I have during the spring and summer, simply wanted to see how much I can and have the energy to work out, “said the skier when Bicycling meet him at home at the kitchen table in Östersund. Continue reading Johan Olsson Cycling

Can Clothes Improve My Performance? Cycling Jerseys

How often have we heard talk about importance of breathing well for a good performance in sport? How many times you you asked the reason for the big difference in price between the different sports equipment that we use?

Today I want to share this question with you so you can give the importance that it deserves to the textiles we use in each output, already regardless of mode, and more to prepare for the next temperatures than both cycling enthusiasts we hope.

Continue reading Can Clothes Improve My Performance? Cycling Jerseys

Cycling Vest and Test 2016

Bike Jerseys have a great importance in cycling. Whether the world famous Maillot Jaune, the leaders jersey in the Tour de France, or the traditional pink-colored camisole the leader of the Giro: Every amateur cyclists has ever dreamed of being allowed to slip over one of these legendary jerseys. But for the normal mortal amateur cyclists among us this goal is probably unfortunately far away, even if some tireless Radler might still calculate chances. But even with a chic, possibly individually developed, Cycling Vest, you can impress with your friends and girlfriends and on top of that stand out from the crowd. Follow Internetiest to see cycling water bottles.

So if you feel the urge again, on your bike, mountain bike or cross bike to set to feel the wind, be sure to read our compact bike jersey guide, so that you are perfectly equipped. In less than two minutes you will learn everything important about design, materials, fit and Co. Because applies especially when the equipment: Do not leave anything to chance!

1. The most beautiful design

Basically, the design of a bike jersey is a matter of taste. One may prefer classic white jerseys, the other is more on gaudy neon colors. It is for everyone with hundreds of manufacturers nowadays the right things. One option that has emerged thanks to the Internet in recent years, is the individual design of your bike jerseys. More and more cyclists use with enthusiasm this opportunity to design your jersey to your special presentation by.

The simplest and probably fastest option is the online configuration. With just a few clicks you choose here as a customer of many different designs that suit, and can customize it by changing the color or adding / removing logos and writings adapt to your individual ideas. Your developed design will then, depending on how the software configurator, either stored or transmitted directly to the manufacturer. In this way you can quickly and easily to your individual cycling jersey.

To those whom this method still too lacking in individuality, the blank templates from many different manufacturers are warmly recommended. You can play on a completely white original, and let your creativity run wild. Your advantage: So, extraordinary, personal wishes can best be used. In return, however, you need (from 50 to 200 euros partly) expected one-time fees, since the reaction on the part of the manufacturer is extremely complicated.

2. The optimal material

Basically, bicycle jerseys should be made ​​of breathable material made ​​so you do not overheat while biking because of the physical exertion. Many shirts are made ​​of an elastic material that adapts to the movements of the cyclist and tight against the body nowadays. For many cyclists an absolute hit, for others a horror. Our tip: Try out for yourself if you are comfortable with a tight-fitting bodice go.

Furthermore should zip his grip on your bike jersey both good and on the other hand can also be open wide. Especially if you slightly thicker Cycling gloves harm, opening your zipper can otherwise become a pesky fumbling.

Who likes to wear smaller items such as energy bars, keys or the like on a cycling tour with him, should also pay attention that the pockets offer plenty of storage space on the back of cycling jersey. You should also fit when loaded unnecessarily alter or restrict.

3. The right fit

The most important factor, however, you need to consider when buying your shirts, is the fit. For outstanding material and the best equipment to help you nothing if your bike jersey constantly slipping, flapping in the wind your sleeve or collar of the cold can not stop. We therefore recommend, if you do not buy online, always try on several models and sizes. Because apparently “equal” Sizes run with different manufacturers often completely different

4. Special features of Winter Bike Jerseys

Every biker knows the feeling: After a long, long winter finally out in the sun and from his bike. What this often makes us a spanner in the works, is the often cold weather. But with the right long sleeve cycling jersey you are optimally prepared for these conditions:

Always ensure that the long sleeve snug against your body and thus the layer between jersey and undershirt is as small as possible. Just cold-sensitive people should not to an undershirt without. Furthermore, the bicycle jersey should have in winter a long held back section to optimally protect against possible splashing. The sleeves and the collar should be long enough to keep you from the often freezing cold wind.

The placement of the bags on your bike long-sleeved shirt is hand, due to the thicker material, more complicated. Here the bike bags should be large enough so that you still get comfortable with thicker bike gloves to your utensils.

5. Conclusion: cycling jersey

Finding the right bike jersey, is actually a fairly simple task if you follow our guide. The first, second and third priority should always be the fit. For even such a beautiful design can give you your frustration do not take if your shirt has slipped over the past five to ten times and on top of that freeze still to death. Set priorities so right: fit must always go beyond design!

Prepare Your Bike for Winter

If October happened warm and dry, lovers of bicycles will be able to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery along the Danube, Neusiedlersee and other suitable for bike ride locations. Of course, this will be a chance for fans of extreme experiences ride enduro and downhill of the semmering pass and leogang. Not to mention that in the city we long to move about comfortably and inexpensively on two wheels.

However, soon winter will cause at least some of cyclists leave vehicles for a warm, dry place.


To make sure that spring will find them in good condition, good care of them.

Before zazimite bike, you should clean and lubricate, to protect it from corrosion. Note the chain – it must be transferred to the smallest sprocket front and rear, as there is tension in the cable at least. If you have V-brake, it is better to disconnect the brakes.

The way you keep the bike – walk on the floor or hung on the wall – is important for tire pressure. In the first instance should inflate them to their normal pressure over a period of time to donapopvate to avoid distortions of form. In the second case, you can reduce tire pressure.

Remember to remove the batteries from the lamp, tail lamps and other accessories, as there is a risk to leak and damage the wheel.

It is best in the winter to keep the bike in a dry place where there is no sudden changes in temperature. It is not advisable to leave it near a radiator, heating or other heating device, and in places where it will not be well protected from rain and snow. It is very important that the humidity in the room is not high, because even well-oiled bicycle can rust.

Advice Sportalle

Often, storage areas for bikes are narrow and have the place to save. Here are some tips: if you have to shorten the wheel, remove temporarily the front tire; removing the pedals will give you extra space width. Easy and convenient you can hang horizontally or vertically your two-wheeled friend stand mounted on the wall.