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The Jeans Jacket-Cult Or Not?

Actually, denim jackets for men are cult as mere fashion. In addition, there is a very high added value for every man in everyday life. The style, inherent in a jeans jacket, can never be surpassed by any other form of design, by replacing the original character-any kind of imitation of a jeans or a jeans jacket can be a short-lived attempt, as measured by the original.

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Inspiration “Spring Jacket”

Everyone knows the problem to stand before the mirror and finding no jacket that goes with the outfit of the day. We imagine today a small selection of spring jackets. There is something of the jacket of the “JackO” to costumes Jabbawockeez – for every occasion.

The Jacket – Classy Business

The jacket is the elegant, formal variant under the jackets. It is mostly worn in the business or festive occasions. The Dark balue Blazers by Eduard Dressler did to today’s me. For the spring he is very comfortable to wear, as the upper material is a noble Super 100 cloth material. 100 metres of yarn weigh only 1 gram! Seemingly want to give the perfect solution for men with large sizes on warm days in the Office where you would like to retain style and not on comfort. Continue reading Inspiration “Spring Jacket”