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Overalls Are Joker

Being the great passion of many designers is not for free that the overall has been marking a long reign without leaving the runways, are nothing less than three years succeeding in the fashion shows. For a lot of people, especially for those who are always in search of a lot of practicality combined with comfort, the Jumpsuit is Joker and is always present in the wardrobe, being that often it appears in several versions, since it is part of the wardrobe of Many people in all seasons. Right now it will be on high for the summer, but a lot of people who are Making the July Vacation Bag have already put the inseparable overalls in their luggage. Continue reading Overalls Are Joker

Maternity Dress of Fluffy Blake Lively – Pregnant Dresses

Check Out Dress Options For Pregnant Women Of Fluffy Blake Lively And Inspired!

Blake Lively is a beautiful American actress, well known because of the television show Gossip Girl. In an event, Blake Lively wore a beautiful white dress midi, who left your comfortable pregnant belly. This midi dress is the inspiration for today’s post, titled fluffy pregnant dress of Blake Lively. Check out and be inspired by these gorgeous dresses! Continue reading Maternity Dress of Fluffy Blake Lively – Pregnant Dresses

Tips to Keep the Wedding Dress

Today’s theme is very important for all the future wives who want to have the best way your clothing tips to keep the wedding dress where we see the tricks ideal so that we can clean the design as soon as possible after the marriage, also in this way you avoid that the stain affected fabric and is especially recommended before sending your dress to a dry cleaning is to find out if they are specialists in wedding dress cleaning. Continue reading Tips to Keep the Wedding Dress

Party Dress for Pregnant Woman Inspired by Singer Sandy

See Party Dress For Pregnant Woman Inspired By The Dress Worn By Singer Sandy In The Wee Hours.

The singer Sandy was always and thank you so much honey by Brazilians. Without doubt, she is a public figure very kind and now even more because she is pregnant. Today’s post is inspired by the dress for pregnant women of Sandy. Check out! Continue reading Party Dress for Pregnant Woman Inspired by Singer Sandy

Vintage: Style in Detail

Once Upon A Time…

Says dresses, Bénédicte Mohr, must look as if they have a story to tell. This one clearly meets the criteria: the Empire dress in pink tulle is occupied with Cristalls and is associated with a satin bow on figure. By Goldknopf, approx. 890 euros. Best a classic cut, beige trenchcoat with gold studs fits so much precious ornaments. By < Burberry 1100 euros. Continue reading Vintage: Style in Detail

Elegant Plus Size Dress for Formal Occasions – Models of Dresses

See Plus Size Dress Who Values Beauty And Elegance Of Women.

Since people are different, people are tall, short, skinny, fat, black, white, Brown, yellow and etc. However, these days is that we realize the strong social pressure for women to fit into a pattern of very restrictive and unrealistic beauty. The challenge of this pattern of beauty was born the plus size movement in various sectors of social life, but especially in fashion, where you feel more such patterns. In today’s post we will show elegant plus size dress that every woman would like to use. Continue reading Elegant Plus Size Dress for Formal Occasions – Models of Dresses

Yellow Lace Dress of Mariana Weickert – Summer Dresses

Check Out Yellow Lace Dress Options Of Mariana Weickert And Inspired By These Beautiful Dresses Of Summer 2015.

Mariana Weickert is a brazilian fashion model and TV presenter, who has modeled for the largest global brands. However, in recent years, Mariana Weickert is dedicated to presenting different television programs, so much so that she has three programs. She recently published in a social network a photo using a glamorous yellow lace dress.This party dress is the inspiration for today’s post, titled yellow lace dress of Mariana Weickert. Check out and get inspired for your next party! Continue reading Yellow Lace Dress of Mariana Weickert – Summer Dresses