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The Most Beautiful Engagement Rings for the Application

It is not quite there, the time when the butterflies are felt a little more clearly in the belly.In love lies in the air and in which nature gives us only small signs and winks, confess to our emotions.Clearly, I’m talking about spring.Spring is the time when we are ticking differently, in which we fall in love more easily, and also the time in which favors are especially celebrated.Not for nothing does even some scientists speak of “spring feelings”.But honestly, what would be the engagement without a wonderful engagement ring ?Of course still a great and romantic confession between two lovers.But with the engagement ring, one can still show his love and marrying a little more clearly.Reason enough so for me, times to look, which trends actually show up in the area of ​​the engagement rings .Are you as curious as I am?Is your heart already jumping high with joy in the word “Solitärring”?Well, just read on! Continue reading The Most Beautiful Engagement Rings for the Application

Les Facettes: Size Gefertigter Luxury Jewelry

Jewelry is an expression of feelings. No wonder, then, that you buy a ring only rarely even in passing. Finally, the noble piece to highlight the personality of the owner, it should fit like a tailored suit. Moritz Werner and Josef images that gave an idea: they founded the online manufacture of Les facettes, which manufactures bijoux according to customer designs. Here so can everyone to jewelry designer. Continue reading Les Facettes: Size Gefertigter Luxury Jewelry