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Summer Blushes

[BLOGPARADE] Hello dear ones! I was very happy about your numerous participation in my last Top 3 round when it came to your favorite Catrice eyeshadow. It was very interesting to see which eyeshadows are quite often in your top 3 again and meanwhile I have, inspired by your contributions, even three more Catrice eyeshadows added.  This time it is – due to the calendar start of summer today – for your top 3 summer Blushes go. As a thank you for your participation, there is also a little to win. For more information and the winners of the last round see below.

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Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadow

On my next trip (in a month it is as far as!) I decided Yes to take mainly cream products. In Brazil it is Yes but pretty hot and when the little makeup, it then carries, is already melting away, which is of course not good. But of course I have a few favorites, which may be and with the eyes to kill intense silk of of eyeshadows by Giorgio Armani I did also have good experiences with regard to the durability. I had been 3 colors of which I had but made two Fehlkäufe (including the #9, which for me was simply to bronze-Golden and the #2, which was simply just too blatant, but in the potty already a dream, namely black with red-pink stains). The #4 (dark silver) is still in my collection and is also included in the holiday. Continue reading Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadow

Makeup and Clothes for the Summer 2016

In the summer of 2016 the trend for makeup and clothes will please all types of women and tastes.

After all, fashion has variations for which all feel good.

In this new season that is already arriving, as well as colors, we have the lightness, the flowers, the jeans, transparencies, and more.

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50s Makeup Tutorial

A 50’s makeup is actually quite colorful and quite mask-like, one has the neck at that time namely not with makeup or blinded, intentionally!

The makeup products at that time were very strong in their consistency and an artificial look was even wanted.

The women used incredibly long on her styling, it was not uncommon to match eye shadow on gloves and handbag. That matched the postwar setting and its return to the “good old days”, as the ideal woman of still a delicate but beautiful flower resembled and actually nothing had to do all day except to take care of your beauty.

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Chanel Makeup 2014, Festive Makeup Collection

Chanel Makeups 2014, the collection is renewed with a special edition released during the festivities. A bright but refined make up where they could not miss the splashes of red, gold and silver, Christmas colors par excellence.

Chanel anticipates the holidays with a warm and glittering. Plumes Précieuses is the new make up of the French fashion house for Christmas 2014. Every year we look forward to the holidays hoping that Christmas limited edition live up to those of last year, and not always are, but Chanel there takes forever, and this year gives us a real collection of glittery products that will make your head spin all beauty addicted. Continue reading Chanel Makeup 2014, Festive Makeup Collection

Fluorescent Makeup, the Coolest Trend for Summer 2013

The 80s are back in the spotlight and even the trick you do pop. Learn how to make a neon makeup!

In the legendary 80s the watchword was: daring, even with makeup! In the make up of those years, in fact, to rule the roost were the fluorescent colors, from pink lipsticks gum to yellow eye shadow.

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