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Rocky Shore Fishing: The Pros and Cons

For me in particular, rocky bottoms in fisheries are very fruitful in terms of chopped refers. Obviously, using the method of bottom with dead bait fishing either squid or Octopus brings good snacks in these areas. But the reality is one, as very well pica, brings a little uncomfortable consequences that want them are shared through the article according to my experience in this type of fishing. It is producer or not fishing in rocky bottoms? Continue reading Rocky Shore Fishing: The Pros and Cons

If You Need Shrimp Fishing in Dams

This article is definitely for you… Live shrimp are a very effective bait for fishing in fresh water reservoirs. Many times complicated here is precisely to capture them easily in order to develop the activity. Most of the freshwater species eat shrimp from their habitat, therefore the power of this background or with Cork fishing bait is immense, you like to know as you capture them? Continue reading If You Need Shrimp Fishing in Dams

The Damage Caused By Losing Fishing Lines

When we lose a line because we are hooked on a rock or something that causes us to cut, or when the fish causes it to be cut or simply when we leave them in the places where we are going to fish lying on the ground and as we forget There, one does not realize the damage it causes. Do not you realize yet? Here are the examples. Continue reading The Damage Caused By Losing Fishing Lines

How to Choose An Effective Fishing Rod

Many fishermen need a fishing rod but are not sure of the best way to go about the choice of one of these.

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a fishing rod, there are some key points that may be helpful to choose a fishing rod. There are so many options available in terms of fishing rods, the task of choosing the most appropriate, it can be a little intimidating. Follow these points and you will have a much clearer understanding of what you should look for and according to what you need. Continue reading How to Choose An Effective Fishing Rod

Technique for Fishing with Bait Alive

The live bait fishing is no doubt one of the most effective in achieving good catches, and is simply due to the greater fish attacks with more confidence to that food than observed in NATURAL movement and which is used to feed daily. So it becomes almost essential that you begin to take the first steps already in this technique for fishing in specific, if you can master it well, the results in terms of size of your catches will be a triple. Currently “Live” is that most use when I go to make my fisheries at sea. Would you like to know in details as this activity development make good catches?, because it is simple, it is only reading the article… Continue reading Technique for Fishing with Bait Alive

Black Bass Fishing Lures

The artificial baits are par excellence the baits most used to tempt the Black Bass but that does not mean that they are the only option, it can also be made with natural bait and live bait. Today we are going to review both options, so that you can make a coherent decision to your needs in the fishing of Black Bass.

Natural Baits For Black Bass Fishing

Taking into account that the Black Bass is a fairly ravenous species that likes to hunt everything a little, it will not be a waste to try it with natural baits that resemble the food they get day by day in the surroundings.

Continue reading Black Bass Fishing Lures

How to Choose Fishing Rod

Where to buy

If you have decided to buy a fishing rod to be devoted to this hobby, know that the price of this tool part of spinning rod from 30 euros to about ten times as much, depending on how it’s made, and even the brand of production.

If you are beginner, recently accustomed to this hobby, you can just buy a fishing rod that costs about 50 euros, and start with the indispensable accessories for fishing. And when you are more experienced, you can spend to buy a fishing pole better, along with other accessories. To have respectable ideal equipment is go to a store that specializes in fwishing.

Typically the staff here is extremely knowledgeable on the subject, so I will give you advice on which fishing rod to choose and which accessories to buy. To buy a fishing rod you can also go to a shopping mall, in the section dedicated to fishing, or even in stores of DIY and home improvement.

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Sports Fishing in Peru

You can make freshwater fishing in rivers and lakes in the highlands, generally above 2,500 meters, as well as in the Amazon rainforest.

Fishing in the highlands is limited to trout and silversides, which were introduced in Peru in the nineteenth century.

Sport Fishing in Peru

These varieties are abundant in clean, well-oxygenated waters. At altitudes above 3,000 meters, one tends to catch trout (white and pink or rainbow).

Sport fishing in the jungle, while less developed along the coast, focuses on some rivers and lakes in the northern Amazon (Iquitos and environs), where local species such as peacock bass, gamitana and araguana are the most common catches. There is also fishing in parts of the southern jungle (Madre de Dios on http://www.shoppingpicks.net/largemouth-bass-fishing-tips-36/), which teem with zúngaro, chambira, paco and the Maiden.

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