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Curly Hair – Cuts, Colors, Hairstyles

Colors, Hairstyles and Cuts for Curly Hair

Wavy hair nowadays are very successful women mainly who do not have wavy hair do everything to have wavy hair, wavy hair that are true are most desired by all women and wavy hair also match with all hairstyles and cuts and also colors that you go to choose that are in high. Continue reading Curly Hair – Cuts, Colors, Hairstyles

Makeup Without Melting: Tricks to Keep the Visual in Summer

The makeup can last more than a few hours without need of miracles.

A retorts in the eyes or that red lipstick makes radiant woman, but with the summer heat melting everything goes very fast. But no need to worry: some good practice strategies can be made at home and don’t take a long time. Learn the tips to keep the makeup without melting. Continue reading Makeup Without Melting: Tricks to Keep the Visual in Summer

Hair Styles For Spring-That’s Hot!

Already last year I presented you the hair styles for the winter, this contribution came quite well with you, so I decided to use Sprezstyle to introduce the hip hair styles for the spring. But first of all, I’d like to lose a few words about Sprezstyle, so you can be sure that I’ve got expert advice. You can find other fashionable hairstyles for men at all times on the previously linked overview page.

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Short Hair: Hair Care and Styling

The most desired, my Current hair routinewas for the next Wednesday post. With long hair that was similar to (their → herein addition to the blog post), but with short hair, especially the styling looks slightly different.General my hair are fairly easy to care for, but the structure of the hair is not just styling friendly – because a fault (extremely fine, straight hair), but also the freedom of my talent. Seen in this way, short hair are quite handy, because with smallest handles you can conjure up something new – so how I discovered such the blond hairstyle for me. Continue reading Short Hair: Hair Care and Styling

Makeup and Hair Trends

The Carnival 2016 is close and it is time to choose the makeup and hairstyles to be implemented to transform you into your favorite mask. Often for lack of inspiration we never know what to wear until the last moment and in the end you end up always wearing the same costumes Carnival, or the year before. Being still a few days earlier, we propose some new ideas to try, whether you participate in the course in disguise, or go to a party or you will limit a ride for locals, where sometimes no matter Tootal complete look, but simply the makeup and wigs. Very entertaining alternatives, personalized and truly original, here is the most beautiful:

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