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Want to Wear a Hat? Inspired in the Style

Many men here in Brazil still have some old thinking in relation to the hat. In fact, the former not because it makes the head many men since the dawn of history. One of the first hats to be described in the story was found in a painting in a tomb at Thebes, in Egypt, and shows a worker with a straw hat. For this, he is considered one of the first menswear and accessories as part of the garment, as well as the other parts, it is essential that you try before you buy. Continue reading Want to Wear a Hat? Inspired in the Style

Different Ways to Wear a Hat

Classic Borsalino Panama Or Style Paired The Dress With Open Shirt Or A T-Shirt Here Are Some Examples Of How You Wear Your Hat In The Summer. The New Trend Of Men’s Fashion And Street Style

Among the accessories of the summer there is a great return of the hat, the Panama style is seen in the street fashion, from the Pitti Uomo in Milan to London for the men street style offer us interesting ideas for wearing a straw hat with summer dresses from classic or casual dress, we see the best combinations.

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Types of Hats


Although I personally suck the wearing of caps and it feels like my head is just not properly formatted to them, it does not mean that I do not own the 20 of them!

Beanies are just awesome! You can use them in the fall, winter, and even starting in mid spring.If you are using one of the in the summer that you shut up. Beanies have made such a huge comeback over the years, and some companies have even made them fun funny sayings, slang and crazy colors!

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Hats Are Back in Fashion

Do you love fashion accessories? But the more you establish for interesting food than jewelry? You probably prefer šátkům, jewelry and handbags. Try something new and experiment with retro fashion, because hats are coming back into fashion.

Do you have your own hat? If not, run to the ComputerMinus where they are plentiful and you will certainly be spoiled for choice. Hats are now back in fashion, and if you take some, can not go wrong. Just select a hat that could suited just to you.

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