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8 Tile Adhesives that Go Beyond the Hydraulic Tile Effect

If You Think Tile Adhesives Only Imitate Hydraulic Tiles And Portuguese Tile, A Lot Is Wrong: There Are Options With Drawings Of Owls, Pin Ups And Even Owls

In the United States (and in the world), Andy Warhol popularized Pop Art by portraying idols of popular music and film, such as Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Marlon Brando and Monroe. The kit has 16 stickers with dimensions of 20×20 cm and costs $49.90 in the Extra. Continue reading 8 Tile Adhesives that Go Beyond the Hydraulic Tile Effect

How to Replace Leaking Tub Faucet

In the Majority of Cases, a Faucet Leaking, and that Leaves Running Drop-by-drop Water in a Sink, is Synonym of Faulty Joint.

In the majority of cases, a faucet leaking, and that leaves running drop-by-drop water in a sink, is synonym of faulty joint. His replacement is extremely simple and allows you to quickly find the proper functioning of the valve. Here’s how. Preparing to replace a seal from faucet to achieve the replacement of a seal valve, you will need a pliers, a wrench and a screwdriver. Before any operation, first cut the water supply. Continue reading How to Replace Leaking Tub Faucet

Patchwork: Decorating with Fabric Creates Unique Environments and Beautiful!

The colorful and cozy atmosphere are reason to bet on the patchwork. In addition, decorating with fabrics can be great. See today ideas to renew environments with creativity, taste and economy. Continue reading Patchwork: Decorating with Fabric Creates Unique Environments and Beautiful!

How do You Make a Picture Frame

What can keep our memories? Fragrances, certain sounds, sights and of course the photographs.
In every home there is at least a decorated frame with a favorite photo. Photo frames choose and buy, so to match the interior design of the room, which will deploy them.
Today we share some great ideas that will show you how you can turn ordinary frames into something beautiful. And even now you do not have a suitable photo to put in them, you can just hang them on the wall because they are very beautiful, or give them away. Continue reading How do You Make a Picture Frame

10 Styles Of Piles Or Sinks

When it comes to choosing the style of sink or sink for the kitchen , the options we have are many, it is the same whether the kitchen we choose is modern, classic, rustic style or simply replacing the sink. The sink is an element that is in sight of all that enter your kitchen, therefore you have to take care of its shape, design, size and material (glass, synthetic, stainless steel or resin). Continue reading 10 Styles Of Piles Or Sinks

Know What Is The Difference Between Planned And Tailored Furniture

Produced from the same raw materials, the two modes differ for other furniture items. Check out what are they

Who chooses to plan home furniture often search for beauty and practicality, combined with the personalisation of environments according to your need, profile and available space.

To meet this demand, the market offers various options of planned furniture and bespoke furniture. Both can be adapted to any project, large or small, however, choose between one and the other depends on a lot of the time what you are willing to wait and the money that you can invest.

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Wallpaper In The Kitchen

As the core of the House, the kitchen is always the most important multifunctional area of a dwelling. In this space is received, kitchen, share…

Today I, as every month and hand Kitchens River, discover you the wallpapers in this area of the House. An affordable decorative tool, which allows you to create the desired atmosphere with the style that you prefer.

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Your Home With Spring Ares

Breathe in the spring and renovate your home. With a few tips this task becomes easy.

How To Renovate The Home For New Year’s Eve Parties

It is in the spring that life is renewed: the leaves sprout new and green, the flowers exhibit their beauty and convey their charm not only through their colors but also through their different perfumes.

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Diversion of Furniture

Divert its primary furniture is a good idea to give him a second wind and avoid the dumpster or simply a little more customize your home décor. If our eye is familiar with the furniture of trade or even transformed – today – scale, accessories and more traditional furniture are a new style and new features in customizing them. Demonstration with successful transformations.

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