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Lee 101 Presents Its First Jacket Jeans with Zippers

Of the collection 101 Lee, just submit that for them is the first denim jacket that style with zippers. And does not want to be contrary, but the truth is that I do not believe it, and we must view many jackets with tejanas in recent seasons carrying rather than buttons zippers – reinforcing the idea of garment of biker style -without going any further especially Topman tejanas. Continue reading Lee 101 Presents Its First Jacket Jeans with Zippers

Ten Characteristics of a Sporty Jacket

The boundary between a natural sporty and little old impression is when it comes to the jacket very subtle. To have relekterat over the jacket’s pleas are therefore central. Here are 10 points, are well worth having in mind to perfect kavajstilen and make the garment into an integral part of the wardrobe. Continue reading Ten Characteristics of a Sporty Jacket

The Xepa of Winter Liquis

According to the informal internet dictionary, xepa means. More specifically, the fruits and vegetables that were not sold at the fair and the carnies leave on the street.

In today’s post, the word in question wins a meaning a little bit different. Instead of fruit and vegetables, let’s talk about jackets that were left behind. Yes! We’re talking about the winter liquis xepa! Continue reading The Xepa of Winter Liquis

Law Requires Use of Airbag Jacket for Professional Motorcycle Riders

Determination of the legislature sparked controversy between category and hurts the Federal Constitution

Is already in force in the Federal District a law which requires about of 40000 professional motorcycle riders to use inflatable vest, a type of airbag to couriers. Sanctioned by the Legislature, the law number 4,890 of 13 July 2012 determines that the companies must provide the equipment to its employees, under penalty of a fine of R $500, case violate the standard. The motorcyclist is also subject to the penalty if you get caught riding without the inflatable vest. Continue reading Law Requires Use of Airbag Jacket for Professional Motorcycle Riders

Sheepskin Fashion Jackets

We love this jacket lambswool skin that keeps us warm and boosts our held as if by magic, what more?

Skin lambswool, inspired by the jacket Aviator jacket, it is somewhat winter leather jacket, passed the days of snow or cold weather. As his sidekick, it’s easy to grant and gives a fashion touch to any look. It is associated as well with jeans and a sweater, with a dress and a pair of Brogues, ally perfect for all styles.

Continue reading Sheepskin Fashion Jackets

Fashion Basic Biker Jacket

Is it now summer or not? I’m not quite sure there. Therefore, one of my most important timeless basics remains still ready for use: the Biker jacket. As long as the weather nor the one or other cold gust conjures up, this favorite Basic for me is essential. The Fashion classic Biker jacket is so versatile that the jacket – fits almost every outfit depending on the cut and material -. It is one of the coolest clothes of ever chic and certainly a Basic for the rocker. It is an essential wardrobe element to spice up sporty casual jeans looks. She can lend even formal business looks that certain something. And you can use the Biker jacket as androgynous style break of too feminine, romantic looks.

The small but fine details are, fit the piece to your style, your figure and your age . So that you can better decide what Biker jacket could become the Basic your basic wardrobe and how they combine the best, I have compiled the most important basic knowledge to become a fashion classic Biker jacket in this and the next contributions. Continue reading Fashion Basic Biker Jacket

Fashion Tips for Tall Women’s Clothes

High you should live-with this mode definitely!

Short sleeve, flood pants-large women aware of the problem when buying clothes. Here are a few styling tricks for women who want to-do not emphasize their size and still suuuuper would look like.

German women are average 1.65 meters tall-top midfielder in Europe. But the fact is: we are getting bigger! On average every ten years one to two

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