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Diesel Denim Collection Fall Winter 2010 2011

Basic colours, high waist and skinny jeans are the brand’s major proposals veneto.

What you propose for this winter the veneto and a little eccentric Renzo Rosso? Maybe someone does not know who he is, because we are accustomed to associate with the United States, and instead one of the brands that produce the world famous denim is Italian and precisely veneto: talk about Diesel.

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Cool Summer Jeans

The jeans is an item of clothing that we can’t do without and, also for the summer 2012, will be a trend. On the catwalks of fashion spring summer 2012 and I really saw a lot of celebrity jeans models, but what are those that you shouldn’t give up for a look that is truly faultless? We the editors of Stylosophy, after watching the stars look and fashion designer, we offer those proposals which, in our opinion, are the 10 Coolest jeans models of summer 2012. All ready to discover them?

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Fashion Tips for Tall Women’s Clothes

High you should live-with this mode definitely!

Short sleeve, flood pants-large women aware of the problem when buying clothes. Here are a few styling tricks for women who want to-do not emphasize their size and still suuuuper would look like.

German women are average 1.65 meters tall-top midfielder in Europe. But the fact is: we are getting bigger! On average every ten years one to two

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Mr Jeans for Big, Strong and Long Men

So you will find no matter the matching panties for each piece – whether now big or small and strong.

When Lewis Strauss sold the first jeans more than 140 years ago he had no idea sure, that robust workers pants would even hang in nearly every wardrobe of the world. The jeans celebrated screen heroes such as James Dean and Marlon Brando in the 50s and 60s, where her definitive breakthrough as rebels in denim, broke the women’s hearts. Since then the blue pants made with many different trends – stretch, skaters or Super Skinny.

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4 Ideas Fishnet Tights Style Sure To Combine

Streetstyles to iconic on the catwalks of Paris fashion designer and in the streets of fashionistas combined – the fishnet tights celebrates her fulminates fashion comeback. Fishnet tights were known as part of the wicked outfits of Cancan dancers. You adorned even the legs of movie stars such as Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe. The English model Twiggy styled them in the 1960s to everyday outfits – at that time a bold fashion projects. In the era of punk, the fishnet tights, thanks to the fashion designer Vivienne Westwood served as a means of provocation and in the 90s pantyhose were part of the stage costumes of Madonna. Unforgettable, the bright pink Bustier remains with lace cups by Jean Paul Gaultier. The historic fishnet tights – called also net tights Ajour tights – give an edgy touch each look. Who so his plus size outfit a pinch of coolness and sensuality would like to give a versatile styling has accessory on the hand with the fishnet tights.

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Alexa Chung AG Jeans Elle UK

Alexa Chung is the it girl of the new issue of Elle UK for the month of March 2012, this beautiful girl is everywhere lately, we left a few days ago in the shots of the new advertising campaign of Superga and now here she is with a true look fashionista. Alexa Chung is a beloved girl in England, in his look never fails the “British” touch and this is one of the aspects that make her outfits always delicious. Continue reading Alexa Chung AG Jeans Elle UK

What Kind of Shoes to Wear with Flared Jeans

The flared jeans is back. But you know that, right? Don’t? Because we told about the fashion years of 1970s and hippie and chic combo is complete: suede, kimonos, fringe handbags and of course, the wide mouth jeans that is the man of the Decade. The model is loved because of  its effect of silhouette, but unless you are very tall, the flare jeans requires jump, since some centimeters are always not enough. But don’t fret, we deliver shoes ideas to give match with flared pants. And to be honest, a taller shoes taller enhances slim visually.

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