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LED Lamp of Philips Hue in the Test

Philips has attracted much attention with the controllable LED light hue. The open system allows third-party developers to implement their own ideas with the app-controlled LED lamp. We have tested hue.

“Evening sky fascinated throughout Germany,” bild.de headlined one of the many beautiful summer evenings this year on 9 August, and described romantically transfigured the beautiful red coloring of the dusk these days. Continue reading LED Lamp of Philips Hue in the Test

Energy Saving Home Lighting

Light is important for our lives and light is therefore also important for the lighting of our living rooms. In dark rooms one does not feel well that everyone knows from experience. (Now except that you dim the light when you are watching TV or sleeping),
but light or lighting needs electricity and electricity costs money. Therefore, the rule is: less light, less cost. In order to avoid this obstacle, the incandescent lamps were banished from the sales shelves in the past few years and instead energy saving lamps were granted.

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