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Lighting Design: Epiphany of Dusk Lighting Design

“Epiphany of the twilight” (Twilight Epiphany), which was opened on the last day of June 14 with a spectacle of lights at dusk. The pyramidal structure complements the presence of abstract natural light at sunrise and sunset, creating a fascinating light show that unites the beauty of the natural world with the campus and the environment.
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Modern LED Garden Lighting

Garden lighting is one of the essential elements of the good landscaping. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and accentuates the finest elements of the exterior design, so that all the attractions of your garden occur even during the night. The projector and the outdoor LED spot are among the most popular choices regarding this type of lighting, and is not by chance!

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LED Lenser P7 Flashlight

Beautiful pilla, of high quality. I use it at work and I must say it makes a nice light quality, the product has a very very good.

It’s what I expected, very good. Truly a torch which I recommend. First, the housing is a snazzy, well done, neat, with great brand already included inside. I tried it the first time in the countryside late at night, for dimensions that have the Torch light to get you very far, I was astonished.

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ACE® LED: Miraflores de la Sierra

The population of Miraflores de la Sierra, located in the mountains of Madrid, has decided to replace its obsolete system of illumination based on HPS bulbs with ones with LED technology, provided by ACE® LED.

This change will provide a saving in electrical consumption exceeding 60%, to replace your current bulbs of 150W for a 36W / 45W LED, providing lighting that will generate more realistic colors thanks to high CRI of LED lighting.

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