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5 Shoes that Look Super Stylish in Combination with Leggings

1. Sneaker

The classic! Pretty sneakers look just great for leggings.Whether you opt for the classic version of white fabric or leather or a colorful and futuristic model.  The only important thing is that the leggings are not too long, and the ankles are compressed. It looks better when the leggings end just before the ankle. If you do not want to freeze in winter and leave a few centimeters of skin, you can combine high socks. Continue reading 5 Shoes that Look Super Stylish in Combination with Leggings

Sara Saad Fitness Legging

The fitness of legging Sara Sa will be our inspiration for a basic look to work out!

Use fitness to work out legging is trumps: she offers comfort, the way the movements, the fabrics are suitable to let the skin breathe (if not, run!), prevents friction between a leg and another, which usually cause much discomfort to who has thick legs, and the 3/4 model still has the most charm not to cover the entire leg. So, be sure to have a legging pants in your fitness clothes drawer! Continue reading Sara Saad Fitness Legging

Women’s Fashion-Pictures of Black Legging

One piece that can not miss in a woman’s closet is the  black leggings,  with it you can do both look to go to work, you can also do a look to go to train in the gym, this piece is in high  female fashion .

To wear Legging pants at work it is important to follow some tips, not to end up making ugly at work and avoid “boring” situations. The first thing you should be careful about is the transparency of the pants, you are advised to wear the  basic black pants . Continue reading Women’s Fashion-Pictures of Black Legging

Trend Alert: Scarf Pattern!

The famous prints of scarves, scarf prints, resurfaced with the spring/summer 2011 fashion show of Céline, but was at this year’s parade of Dolce & Gabbana that was consecrated as one of the biggest hits of the summer. Invaded the Brazilian catwalks in brands like Ravi, Balcony and Oh Boy! Since then, the pieces have a special place in the macaws of the shops more tuned like Zara, brasileria Farm and even in fast fashions biggest as the Riachuelo. Continue reading Trend Alert: Scarf Pattern!

Tips On How To Use Riding Legging

Learn how to include riding legging in their productions

The leggings became a must-have in the locker room, that is, it is a piece that needs to be in your wardrobe.The legging is a democratic item and can encourage all biotypes, know how to combine the piece with the rest of the visual. The piece has several models and the riding legging is what else has been seen on the bodies of women who want to be fashionable, with comfort and opting for a versatile piece that can compose several looks. Learn more about riding legging models and how to include them in their productions.

Continue reading Tips On How To Use Riding Legging

Leggins At 20, 30 And 40: How To Combine The Most Comfortable Garment Of Spring At Any Age

Many of you will be exclaiming that it is enough of leggins, but it seems that the streets are flooded again with the arrival of the good weather: will definitely have to be removed from the head are meshes to start thinking of them as pants? Continue reading Leggins At 20, 30 And 40: How To Combine The Most Comfortable Garment Of Spring At Any Age

Pleated Leggings Plus Size Outfit

In early January I ordered this draped leggings to me and it was definitely their money worth! I had attracted many times since and overall I feel, that I love them every time a little bit more, hihi.
I mention the only objection at the beginning, finally, it should be Yes, an homage to these wonderful leggings: it is me calves too tight and too loose at the thighs, but it enough so that I can wear them.

Continue reading Pleated Leggings Plus Size Outfit