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Osrams Cheaper Led Replacement For 40-Watt-“Light Bulbs”

LED lighting is sold according to a recent study by “OSRAM-SYLVANIA” (USA) especially about brightness, energy efficiency, lifetime and last but not least the price. The German parent company OSRAM offers a new version of the E27 lamp especially cost-conscious newcomers “LED Star classic A-40”, which in part will be sold under the Psychologically important 10-euro threshold. Continue reading Osrams Cheaper Led Replacement For 40-Watt-“Light Bulbs”

Industrial Lighting Designs

The energetic point of view, it was possible to 54% reduction in energy consumption and corresponding cost through your choice of a luminaire and lamp set more energy efficient, and, in this case, the investments are equivalent.

The following are some practical recommendations to be considered during the design phase, aiming to make the lighting more energy efficient: Continue reading Industrial Lighting Designs

Lighting Secrets For Living Room

The secrets of good lighting in the living room

Is to meet with family, with friends, the living room is always used in special situations. So, whatever the use, the environment should be comfortable and cozy all the time.

Visual comfort

When you choose and position the luminaires must take into account the glare. Unfavorable position may lead to a blurring direct (direct visualization of the bulb) or a glare reflected (through reflective surfaces or shiny), impairing vision. Continue reading Lighting Secrets For Living Room

Lighting Design: Epiphany of Dusk Lighting Design

“Epiphany of the twilight” (Twilight Epiphany), which was opened on the last day of June 14 with a spectacle of lights at dusk. The pyramidal structure complements the presence of abstract natural light at sunrise and sunset, creating a fascinating light show that unites the beauty of the natural world with the campus and the environment.
More information to follow. Continue reading Lighting Design: Epiphany of Dusk Lighting Design

The LED “Bulb” with Hidden Talents

If you ever wanted to have an E27 LED bulb, which you three light colors can – elicit as needed without Smartphone and app, with a normal wall switch: the “Varilux 3-in-1” by LightMe for almost 20 euros would be a good choice, as my test and the laboratory measurements show.

Flexible controllable LED lights are becoming increasingly popular. There’s them as parts of a complex lighting control system, as app-driven “island solutions”, with relatively simple infrared or radio remote control and – yet simple: with integrated electronics that may regulate brightness and/or light color by simple wall dimmer- or serial switching commands. It has the invaluable advantage that the existing electrical installation remains intact and no additional control units or “Gateways”are necessary for the user. Continue reading The LED “Bulb” with Hidden Talents

Modern LED Garden Lighting

Garden lighting is one of the essential elements of the good landscaping. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and accentuates the finest elements of the exterior design, so that all the attractions of your garden occur even during the night. The projector and the outdoor LED spot are among the most popular choices regarding this type of lighting, and is not by chance!

Continue reading Modern LED Garden Lighting