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7 Tricks that Every Woman Needs to Know about Bra

The bra is one of the intimate pieces worn by women.Lingerie ends up being one of her allies on a number of occasions, such as when they are going to choose a costume, and it is no wonder that burning the costume has become a symbol of women’s struggle for years.Well, since the bra is a worn piece, it is necessary for women to know all the tricks to use the piece. Continue reading 7 Tricks that Every Woman Needs to Know about Bra

How to Take Care of Your Lingerie?

Ain’t no use buying lingerie dream income and do not take good care of her.

You invest in that lace lingerie set wonderful you were dating for months. Uses a special occasion
and the success of the pieces is proven (although they lasted little time in your body). It won’t take long and
you notice a nightmare: see some jerky and dots on the fabric. Makes me want to cry, right? But before
swearing mentally a piece of cloth, is that you’re taking care of properly your bra and panties
income? Come to think of it, separated some basic care that you must have for your perfect lingerie last longer. Continue reading How to Take Care of Your Lingerie?

The Importance of Correct Bra for Every Occasion

The bra is an accessory used by women as a way to prevent the breasts stay fallen, but of extreme importance to the fat, do assist in support and better distribution of the weight of the breasts, give comfort and security in their day to day activities. There are numerous types of this piece, and that can be used in various occasions. But it is important to use the correct part for the right moment, as a way to feel comfortable according to the activity that you will develop. Continue reading The Importance of Correct Bra for Every Occasion

Strip Shows:10 Tips on How to Use Strappy Bra

That old story to hide the BRA under your clothes is out of fashion. The trend now is to use and abuse the Bras bra strappy model, with strips and geometric designs in the regions of the back and/or bust. The handles can have different thickness (thick or thin) and they are the ones who make the play to become the strong point of the look when you wear this type of top. Continue reading Strip Shows:10 Tips on How to Use Strappy Bra

Valentine’s Day:What to Buy?

Gifts for boyfriends: Lobster Lingerie tips!

Tough question, but I bet you’ve made: what to choose to give on Valentine’s day?

In these moments beats that indecision. Both women as men end up asking questions like:”will he like this underwear?”, “does this corset combines with the style her?”.

Present whom we love really is something that requires a bit of effort for that moment become unforgettable! But it’s worth it. After all, everyone likes to receive a gift that surpasses expectations. Continue reading Valentine’s Day:What to Buy?

Hot In Autumn: Which Lingerie Suits Me?

It gets colder and cooler, the days are getting shorter-but we can look forward to a hot autumn, because the new lingerie will fit us right to the farewell of the summer! In our current post we take a look at the trendiest lingerie trends for the autumn/winter season 2015/16 and supply a small lingerie consultation for different figurine types. Continue reading Hot In Autumn: Which Lingerie Suits Me?

Cotton Club Lingerie

Cotton Club luxury lingerie of brands of Italy is without a doubt the most important. The brand cotton Club sees itself as a proud representative of a traditional Guild and offers exclusive lingerie “100% made in Italy”.

1981 the tradition brand cotton shows founded by Roberto Crescentini in the Italian Fabriano Club for more than three decades an unparalleled sense of elegance and outstanding quality in the fields of lingerie, nightwear and swim wear.

Continue reading Cotton Club Lingerie