Lipstick Tips For Every Skin Tone

Tips on what is the right lipstick color for each skin tone Many women want to always have different lipsticks for each makeup Each skin tone has a color that combines more and women never know which lipstick tone matches with each type of skin, then the lipstick tips for each skin tone, will help you […]


Beauty Trends Summer 2016

Hello girls! I’m going to show you some beauty tips that are very popular in this summer, which are inspired by the mythical mermaids. The proposal is to add specific colors to a natural appearance and make it romantic. Think about these ideas, and ready to become a goddess of the seas!


How to Make a Mix of Lipsticks

I would like to create new shades of lipstick at any time? A woman is never satisfied with the amount of makeup you have, since it always new trends are emerging. Create original and innovative colours is possible through the blending of the shades you already have around the house. In addition, you can try out various combinations and create […]

Beauty Clothes

Makeup and Clothes for the Summer 2016

In the summer of 2016 the trend for makeup and clothes will please all types of women and tastes. After all, fashion has variations for which all feel good. In this new season that is already arriving, as well as colors, we have the lightness, the flowers, the jeans, transparencies, and more.


50s Makeup Tutorial

A 50’s makeup is actually quite colorful and quite mask-like, one has the neck at that time namely not with makeup or blinded, intentionally! The makeup products at that time were very strong in their consistency and an artificial look was even wanted. The women used incredibly long on her styling, it was not uncommon […]