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How to Make Up a Skin with Freckles

A face with freckles is pure charm, that no one doubts, but will also think freckles? UM … Yes, worse than not, and you know why? Because not everyone knows how to put on makeup properly. Many don’t even like your freckles and even try to hide them, but already it’s time to stop fighting with your freckles and take them over. Well, thinking about the difficulty that many women feel when choosing make ideal, we’ll show you now how to make up a skin with freckles.

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The 17 Beautiful Skin and Healthy Commandments

Skin, her beautiful, forgive us for all the sins I’ve committed against her beauty.

Not only expensive treatments live a beautiful and healthy skin. Often, the answer for many of the ills that affect is found in the basic routine of care, which can even spare you later have to toast the salary with cosmetic procedures. With that in mind, we create a script with the do’s and don’ts when it comes to skin. She deserves! Continue reading The 17 Beautiful Skin and Healthy Commandments

How to Make a Mix of Lipsticks

I would like to create new shades of lipstick at any time? A woman is never satisfied with the amount of makeup you have, since it always new trends are emerging. Create original and innovative colours is possible through the blending of the shades you already have around the house. In addition, you can try out various combinations and create an inventory of your favorites, so that you do not have to mix it up whenever you want to wear this look. This is a way to renew our makeup without having to spend any money, using only products that we already have at home. Continue reading How to Make a Mix of Lipsticks

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadow

On my next trip (in a month it is as far as!) I decided Yes to take mainly cream products. In Brazil it is Yes but pretty hot and when the little makeup, it then carries, is already melting away, which is of course not good. But of course I have a few favorites, which may be and with the eyes to kill intense silk of of eyeshadows by Giorgio Armani I did also have good experiences with regard to the durability. I had been 3 colors of which I had but made two Fehlkäufe (including the #9, which for me was simply to bronze-Golden and the #2, which was simply just too blatant, but in the potty already a dream, namely black with red-pink stains). The #4 (dark silver) is still in my collection and is also included in the holiday. Continue reading Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadow

Makeup and Hair Trends

The Carnival 2016 is close and it is time to choose the makeup and hairstyles to be implemented to transform you into your favorite mask. Often for lack of inspiration we never know what to wear until the last moment and in the end you end up always wearing the same costumes Carnival, or the year before. Being still a few days earlier, we propose some new ideas to try, whether you participate in the course in disguise, or go to a party or you will limit a ride for locals, where sometimes no matter Tootal complete look, but simply the makeup and wigs. Very entertaining alternatives, personalized and truly original, here is the most beautiful:

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Makeup and Clothes for the Summer 2016

In the summer of 2016 the trend for makeup and clothes will please all types of women and tastes.

After all, fashion has variations for which all feel good.

In this new season that is already arriving, as well as colors, we have the lightness, the flowers, the jeans, transparencies, and more.

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Tantouring Makeup Trend

Tantouring , in other words a natural-looking summer contouring and revolutionary and semi-permanent, that will make you spend much less time in front of the mirror. Here’s everything you need to know!

Pretty much everyone we know what is meant by countouring, a technique that the make up artist using to sculpt the face, soften the jaws and make it less visible imperfections and flaws, so a full and round particularly pronounced nose or face can turn into something else. The point is that this technique requires some dexterity, because the goal is, as always, look as natural as possible despite the layers of Earth and Foundation. Continue reading Tantouring Makeup Trend

Star Makeup: The Most Beautiful Look in 2011

Dictate fashions and trends. It’s them to determine the success of an accessory or a boss, and this is true even for hair and make-up. Discover the most beautiful outfits worn by celebrities in 2011.

They dictate the laws of fashion, trend, to propose the most attractive look and the trend to imitate. The 2011 has ended, but we are already prepared to face, albeit with some difficulty a year full of news, projects, fashions and styles. After the show the best and worst dressed of 2011, and the most beautiful hairstyles displayed them by the stars in the year, it’s time to take stock of the most fascinating look make-up worn by celebrities. Continue reading Star Makeup: The Most Beautiful Look in 2011

For All: Tips and Beauty Products

This post is for everyone:me, you, your friend and also the boy who says not to be vain, but does not leave the house without first checking the mirror, you know? Let’s forget about our age here, and the type of skin. We list the beauty products and the news that anyone can use , abuse and of course, share. Were you curious? Come here, and take the opportunity to call the whole galley.

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