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Nails Decorated With Francesinha

Nails Decorated with Francesinha Photos and Trends

The nails decorated with francesinha have always been on the rise, this delicate model has always won the preference of women, and since it is a basic model, but at the same time very delicate women bet on them to be able to use in any and every occasion, it’s worth it to see the news in today’s post.Each model is more beautiful than the other.Today things have changed a lot and even this effect has gained news, so follow it so you can renew your nail as well. Continue reading Nails Decorated With Francesinha

Makeup Without Melting: Tricks to Keep the Visual in Summer

The makeup can last more than a few hours without need of miracles.

A retorts in the eyes or that red lipstick makes radiant woman, but with the summer heat melting everything goes very fast. But no need to worry: some good practice strategies can be made at home and don’t take a long time. Learn the tips to keep the makeup without melting. Continue reading Makeup Without Melting: Tricks to Keep the Visual in Summer

Patterned Nails – Pattern Photos

Stamped Nails Pictures and Models

The stamped nails are on the rise, but this already has some time, but is that with each passing day it seems that more and more models come up and why we have to know so we can stay inside the news as soon as possible.And we’ve brought you these new models so you can do it on your nail, we’re sure you’ll love it, even if you have models and more models that you can invest too.The prints are the most different you can imagine. Continue reading Patterned Nails – Pattern Photos

Nails Of Oncinha

Photos and How to Make Step by Step Nails of Oncinha

The fashion of the leotard has arrived to be with many different models and styles the leash nails are very successful, here you will learn how to do and the step by step of the leash nails so that you look even more beautiful and elegant with the nails of leash

Look   photos of the nails of nails and stay inside how to do the step by step of the nails of leopard and become even more beautiful and elegant and beautiful with the nails of leash that are doing much success. Continue reading Nails Of Oncinha

OPI Nail Polish Peanuts Collection

It ‘s true, it is still early, but the cosmetic companies play in advance, creating collections for the most monstrous party of the year: Halloween!

The famous brand of enamels Opi presents his collection for Halloween 2014: inspired by the Peanuts cartoons, especially the episode tv “It’s the Great Pumkin, Charlie Brown”, released in America back in 1966.

Continue reading OPI Nail Polish Peanuts Collection