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Chat Abbreviations As Jewelry

3 letters say more than 1000 words!

Since her own name or words such as “Love” and “Friends” dangled in chains, today it is just chat abbreviations.What OMG, LOL, WTF means, I need probably no one who is surfing daily in the waves of social communities.As it is in the generations about us already different.For those, it is, understandably, only 3 senseless letters.But they do not know that there are feelings of emotions behind them.You do not know Facebook, Twitter or the chat language in general … But you will know: There you are flooded with such abbreviations because the whole smileys and emoticons are not yet enough … But not only in the virtual world are feelings and emotions are expressed, but where is that still done?Correct;in fashion and the world of jewelry.With the trends of the chat language it is like with Modetrends: Either you love or hates them. Continue reading Chat Abbreviations As Jewelry

How to Use Black Choker

As already mentioned several times, fashion is something cyclical, is constantly changing. It is not uncommon for something that seemed to have been forgotten, resurface with a vengeance. Do you remember that Black Choker that many girls have used? She is back!

This black Choker is also known as tatto choker or necklace choker because, for being extremely tight around his neck, gives the impression of being a tattoo. For some people, this was the strangest of 90 year necklace. It turns out that he’s back, so no more fair than talking about the Black Choker, a term that seems to be more common in Brazil when referring to necklace choker. Continue reading How to Use Black Choker

The Matching Accessories For The Festive Outfit

Just now, when the Christmas season is in full swing and a Christmas party chases the other, we need enough outfits to meet this onslaught of events. And this is usually not done, because a perfect outfit also includes matching accessories such as watches and jewelery. Fashion and designer accessories at stylight such as scarves, scarves, sunglasses, etc. can not be missing to complete the perfect outfit for the great occasion.

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How to Wear Statement Jewelry

Jewelry is the best way to give life to an outfit and highlight your best features. And to do this, what better way to complete your look with an imposing piece, a centerpiece around which you can play and match your accessories? A sumptuous bib necklace, a pair of towering earrings or cuff bracelet is sure to attract the attention and enlighten you. To succeed your jewelry composition in the rules of art, Jweel today offers six recommendations. Follow the guide!

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Les Facettes: Size Gefertigter Luxury Jewelry

Jewelry is an expression of feelings. No wonder, then, that you buy a ring only rarely even in passing. Finally, the noble piece to highlight the personality of the owner, it should fit like a tailored suit. Moritz Werner and Josef images that gave an idea: they founded the online manufacture of Les facettes, which manufactures bijoux according to customer designs. Here so can everyone to jewelry designer. Continue reading Les Facettes: Size Gefertigter Luxury Jewelry