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Plus Size Blogger Action In The Zizzi Magazine “The Curvy”

Plus size bloggers and Zizzi – it’s a wonderful symbiosis and we have brought together in one outfit challenge. Zizzi, the trendy Danish plus size label, publishes a magazine called “The Curvy” at regular intervals. This magazine is in a printed edition, but also in an E-paper Edition for free download.

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Plus Size Model Ashley Graham

Large model size Ashley Graham continues to make a splash. Today, it is on social networks it shows all its beauty posing in a bikini.

In recent months, the models like Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner are competed by the models more size. With a mission to promote the diversity of the body and the sizes in the ruthless world of fashion, they are increasingly mediated. Among them, are Ashley Graham, a young

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Find Plus Size Evening Dresses

How times change, there are many different types of clothes that are acceptable for different events. When you are looking for evening dresses, you are probably looking for clothes that are more formal, and easier to wear for events taking place at night. No matter what dress size you need, it is important to find the right outfit for your needs.

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Plus Size Clothing Advice

 These fashion bloggers show size

Round? So what! But sometimes it is just hard to style are fashionable in large sizes. Stop it! Three plus size bloggers we have coaxed her styling secrets.

ELA, Caterina and Lisa know what they are talking about. All three belong to the rest of the German plus size bloggers and write with much love, passion and fashionable sense of smell on their blogs about – of course – fashion! But you give their readers of not only styling tips for large sizes and the latest trends on the way. No, they make them also courage fashionable beyond the size 38 something to trust. Reason enough, the three times to present more…

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Zoom On The Models of Plus Size Swimwear On Sale

It’s summer! You don’t believe me with all this rain and yet… Must take advantage of sale swimsuit size you buy the Jersey of your summer, despite everything. It takes the water and you will go soon do the breaststroke or the Board in a lake or the sea or in one of the many aquatic centres. There is one in Alsace, which is great and I was putting on my shirt, a blue room. The sites offer great swimsuits, some tankinis, a separable. So there’s the choice and low prices. But we must hurry!

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Where to Buy Plus Size Clothes

One area that of plus sizes much sought online. In some cities it is difficult to find suitable clothing and plus sizes; Department stores and shops are not always within easy reach and the supply sometimes becomes scarce. No drama: with just a few clicks online ordering clothes from men and women who probably wished for a long time.

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