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Contact Baby

Some babies sit comfortably upright in Mommy’s belly rather than with the head forward head to beta – its ideal location of the child before birth.

To make but not nervous, when her baby belongs to those that settle this time – some babies only initiate the U-turns in the weeks of the 3rd trimester.

Experienced midwives not start 32nd or 33rd week therefore before to want the baby turning make tasty with the one or the other trick. Continue reading Contact Baby

When Is a C-Section Necessary?

Most women looking for a spontaneous birth, but there are reasons that require an intervention in the course of the birth or the planning of a Caesarian section.

A caesarean section (Sectio caesarea) is necessary if the child is definitely too big, the placenta blocks the cervix, the child is in a birth-impossible situation (such as shifting) or the child must be born in a very early weeks of pregnancy. In this case, a planned (primary) caesarean section is performed before cervix effective labor or rupture of membranes. Continue reading When Is a C-Section Necessary?

Beautiful Stay During Pregnancy

Beautiful pregnant

Pregnancy has been a long time as something that women should rather hide – but in the last few years there has been a lot of change: Supermodels and filmstars proudly show their baby belly and fashion has also discovered pregnant women as a target group for attractive fabrics and clothes. ( Chic circumstance ) The first pregnancy is surely the most exciting, hopefully the most beautiful time for an approaching mother. She says goodbye to work life to concentrate on the small earth citizen growing up in her belly. But in the first pregnancy, there are endless questions. Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, but there are a few things that can make the time to delivery much easier, possibly even a light birth.

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Safe Travel for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. Yet she could actually turn into a nightmare!In fact, round and being pregnant is not already obvious when we have to suffer the preconceptions and judgments of others ; Bonus if you become pregnant during summer vacation, you can spend some difficult times.

To help you spend holidays by the sea in any zen, we decided to give you some advice.

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Fatigue in Pregnancy: What’s Behind It And How You Will Back Up

“I wish I would be sleeping beauty, then I could sleep a long time”

Sleep, sleep, sleep the whole day only: the most pregnant women have this wish during the first three months. The famous fatigue in pregnancy is not just a rumour, but a reality.

Are to blame, how should it be otherwise, the hormones. The body is at the beginning of pregnancy head and produces lots of progesterone. This hormone soothes and is therefore the main cause for the fatigue. In the first weeks of pregnancy, the body does but also most work. He produced the placenta, making more blood and perhaps weakened by nausea. Also changed the metabolism and decrease blood pressure and blood sugar.

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Golden Point Underwear Collection

Golden Point focuses on an intriguing style for her new underwear collection fall winter 2013 2014, a full line of garments and coordinated sensual and stylish shapes that does not forget and most cheeky colors. The winter proposal also includes this year’s Golden Point creations signed SiSiPhilippe MatignonGolden Lady and many others, all items that stand out for style, sophistication, attention to detail, but also close attention to the coolest trend of the period. Continue reading Golden Point Underwear Collection