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The Correct Way to Use Henley Shirt

Henley shirt is a versatile, timeless and extremely elegant. For those who don’t know, this model is one that has between 2 and 5 buttons on the collar, arranged in a row (just that, unlike the polo shirt), has no collar and can have .75, short or long sleeve.

In Brazil, the play is popularly known as Portuguese collar shirt. Continue reading The Correct Way to Use Henley Shirt

How to Design a Women’s Soccer Jersey

Football shirts are worn by men and women across the country in support of a favorite team or to play soccer. These pieces of comfortable clothes are often made of breathable and comfortable materials. Unfortunately, soccer jerseys are usually made in projects that are suitable for men, but lacking in fashion for women. Designing a shirt supporting the team and it’s made by a woman can make wearing the shirt fun. Continue reading How to Design a Women’s Soccer Jersey

Curiosity: Bizarre Shirts of Football Teams

The canopy is coming, and we already know our green and yellow well. And you who are a passionate supporter and make a point of parading around with your heart team’s shirt probably have a favorite uniform or even keeps a collection of commemorative versions released over the years. However, although the creation of these pieces is a serious business, sometimes the designers err ugly, and the poor players are forced to face their opponents wearing bizarre outfits. Continue reading Curiosity: Bizarre Shirts of Football Teams

How to Reinvent the White Shirt in 5 Looks

Essential in every woman’s wardrobe, the white shirt is no longer a formal and serious piece to be fully reinvented. Overlays, deconstructions and combinations once considered atypical today make head of fashionistas and make the shirt cooler than ever.Being a classic and versatile piece, combining and creating productions is very easy, and the options are endless.I separated five looks that are proof that the shirt can be worn in ways you can not even imagine! Continue reading How to Reinvent the White Shirt in 5 Looks

White Shirt, the Basic/Classic/Current Item

When we think of a basic, classic piece that almost every woman has, it is impossible for us not to see our white shirt. It is a simple item for both its modeling and coloring; however, it is possible to compose numerous super stylish looks with this classic piece. The white shirt has been gaining prominence for a while, appearing very often in the makeup of many girls’ looks. Because? Well, the piece has so many qualities that it’s impossible not to surrender to it. The white shirt – preferably the long sleeve shirt – can walk through the most diverse environments, being able to assemble a production for the office , classic and formal, in the same way that can be inserted in a modern and cool look . What’s more, it is able to occupy a supporting place in its production or to be the main part of it. Continue reading White Shirt, the Basic/Classic/Current Item

Tips of Looks with Short Sleeve Men’s Shirts

The modern man, not just what binds in fashion, love shirts short sleeve. During the summer 2015/2016 they certainly will be present, as are the medium enters the formality of long sleeve shirts and the odds of the polos or t-shirts.

And, let’s face it, the short-sleeved shirts are much more stylish and you can use them at work, at happy hour, the Church and the University. Continue reading Tips of Looks with Short Sleeve Men’s Shirts

Trend Alert: Scarf Pattern!

The famous prints of scarves, scarf prints, resurfaced with the spring/summer 2011 fashion show of Céline, but was at this year’s parade of Dolce & Gabbana that was consecrated as one of the biggest hits of the summer. Invaded the Brazilian catwalks in brands like Ravi, Balcony and Oh Boy! Since then, the pieces have a special place in the macaws of the shops more tuned like Zara, brasileria Farm and even in fast fashions biggest as the Riachuelo. Continue reading Trend Alert: Scarf Pattern!

Porzingis Already Sells More Shirts Than Durant

THE COQUELUCHE PORZINGIS DO NOT STOP! The definitive proof that the Latvian is the new darling of American basketball is the list of best-selling shirts. Kristaps figured just behind Stephen Curry, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. The New York Knicks jersey 6 is simply the fourth best-selling shirt in the world today. Continue reading Porzingis Already Sells More Shirts Than Durant

8 Tips for Arranging the Drawers in a Quick and Accurate Way

Clutter is human, but to organize as well. If it is in the shortest possible time, then even better. So we talk to four professionals in the organization and we have 8 tips that will change the way you see your closet. After them, you’ll be prepared to put an end to that messy drawer.

Continue reading 8 Tips for Arranging the Drawers in a Quick and Accurate Way