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Sandals Summer 2018

New Models of Sandals Summer 2018

We have many Summer 2018 Sandals releases for this year.This season has gained a lot of news in terms of women’s shoes, so much so that the models have started to arrive and have many interesting as well.They are models with medium, low and high heels too, so that all tastes can be satisfied, so be sure to follow the launches of your favorite brands, because we are sure you will find what you are looking for. Continue reading Sandals Summer 2018

These Shoes Are Really Top!

Top pumps were in the last few years about as hip as, belly-free tops or tennissocks in sandals. But behold, which was still considered as No Go in fashion, has been a trend since spring 2012. And in the autumn too, top pumps can see daylight again. This is how it is in the world of fashion, there are trends that seem to be forgotten, and suddenly we can rummage women in the back corners of our wardrobe to get the dusty pieces back to the front. Dear men, there you have the reason why we simply do not radically eradicate; we just can not do it! 😉 Continue reading These Shoes Are Really Top!

Clothes Color for Spring

Finally came my lovely spring!
As a child I lived in a house with a big garden where there were many trees: lemon, apricot, blackberry, orange… among all these there were also those of peach and not just I, looking out to the balcony, I could see that the flowers blossoming of these trees, I realized that they were coming to “warm weather.” Continue reading Clothes Color for Spring

Footwear Spring Summer 2014

The days are longer, the sun is seen more often, you notice, it will spring. Slowly (now finally) the thick winter shoes can go into their well-earned “Sommerschlaf” and it is time for us to think about the shoes for spring/summer. One thing I can tell you already, my anticipation for the summer is definitely awakened and also you will be inspired by the trends!

Continue reading Footwear Spring Summer 2014