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Which skirt suits your figure type?

Summertime is rock time! Just recently I have after weeks of searching found my ideal summer skirt. Especially the cutting of rock must be about my figure type fit. And then, of course, should also agree colors, patterns and fabric quality. This is not so easy. Do you know which bring skirts your figure to best advantage? And what you should avoid as far as possible?

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Makeup and Clothes for the Summer 2016

In the summer of 2016 the trend for makeup and clothes will please all types of women and tastes.

After all, fashion has variations for which all feel good.

In this new season that is already arriving, as well as colors, we have the lightness, the flowers, the jeans, transparencies, and more.

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Trendy Skirts 2016

The variety of proposals put forward during the different fashion week spring summer 2016 allows to choose from a very large trendy skirts making over the Bill, depending on taste, the physicist and opportunities.

Here, then, is a selection of trendy skirts proposals based on length, fabric, imagination and model.

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4 Ideas Fishnet Tights Style Sure To Combine

Streetstyles to iconic on the catwalks of Paris fashion designer and in the streets of fashionistas combined – the fishnet tights celebrates her fulminates fashion comeback. Fishnet tights were known as part of the wicked outfits of Cancan dancers. You adorned even the legs of movie stars such as Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe. The English model Twiggy styled them in the 1960s to everyday outfits – at that time a bold fashion projects. In the era of punk, the fishnet tights, thanks to the fashion designer Vivienne Westwood served as a means of provocation and in the 90s pantyhose were part of the stage costumes of Madonna. Unforgettable, the bright pink Bustier remains with lace cups by Jean Paul Gaultier. The historic fishnet tights – called also net tights Ajour tights – give an edgy touch each look. Who so his plus size outfit a pinch of coolness and sensuality would like to give a versatile styling has accessory on the hand with the fishnet tights.

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Plus Size T-Shirt: 5 Piece Looks!

I did this post super excited because I love to show you that with a single piece we can vary greatly. I’ve always been very passionate about t-shirt, but before it was pretty hard to find beautiful models, with a cool and interesting prints to great women. Yet there are few brands that make something more fashion and cool when it comes to plus size t-shirt, but I found a brand that made my heart go out through the mouth and the story is interesting: I saw the pieces of the 787 shirts on Instagram my friend, then I went snooping and saw they had larger sizes also. Did the crazy and bought 3 plus size t-shirts. They saw that I went crazy in love and came in contact to a partnership and now I’m here, mega happy to present you this brand bacanérrima which today wears the P to the G4.

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Plus Size Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

The Christmas decorations begin to bloom in shop windows and on the streets of cities, soon will decorate the Christmas tree in the cottages. We are, in December announced the period of Christmas and New years, moments of joy and sharing. The opportunity to have fun and take care of yourself with large feasts looks proposed by our site.

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How To Hide Wide Hips with Skirts

Wide hips? Hide them under their skirts. Here are 4 simple tips and many models who value you.

The skirts are the female leader par excellence, but in addition to adding a chic touch to the outfit, they can also help you hide a pair of wide hips, making the harmonic silhouettes.

Here’s how to choose the right models and small precautions to be taken in front of the closet.

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