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Sleeping Bag Super Feather – Winter Trails and Paths

Today I will talk about the sleeping bag SUPER FEATHER WINTER brand trails and PATHS. First of all I want to make my super thanks to store Jungle Military & Adventure partner site that yielded this product for use in my last adventure, the ascent to the peak of Maher. For anyone who is in the metropolitan region of Campinas to stay in the Jungle store Shopping Parque Dom Pedro Campinas, and who is further no problem because they also sell on the site. Continue reading Sleeping Bag Super Feather – Winter Trails and Paths

Tips for Camping

An interesting question is: why camp? The first answer that comes to mind is the financial part. Many interesting and beautiful places can have a hosting and camping is the best option.

Another relevant response is that many natural attractions of our country are in areas without infrastructure, enabling only the camping. And worth checking out the nature, wake up with the birds or sleep in the rain. Continue reading Tips for Camping

Long-Term Test: Therm-A-Rest Prolite Plus

The Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus is no longer part of the Ultralight range. In the meantime, there are better alternatives. However, it is still one of the most comfortable, self-inflating mattresses on the market.Certainly ideal for camping trips or trekking tours, where you do not have to pay attention to the weight.

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Underquilts For Hammocks

Again and again, the word ‘underquilt’ comes to mind in the word Hammock. An underquilt is usually an insulation from below, which becomes indispensable for a hammock as soon as it is somewhat cooler outside.Similar to a (top) quilt or a sleeping bag, a layer of insulation material ensures that the body does not cool down by emitting too much heat into the air.

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Outdoor GPS for Hiking & Camping

With the GPS navigation device to hike

What for a long time in the car belongs to the standard equipment, now also comes in the outdoor area greatly in fashion. A GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation device has arrived at many hikers. The navigation by satellite replaces trekking and hiking watching navigation with map and compass. This makes it almost impossible to get lost in unknown ways. GPS devices can, however, much more than to only determine their own location. With the new navigation equipment for hiking can be before the tour any waypoints, enter, can be run by those along. It is meanwhile possible to choose based electronic cards from home in a completely unknown country a suitable distance and to explore this later. Despite all the advantages that brings such a useful tool with them, there are always disadvantages. One of these drawbacks is that the satellite link may suddenly lost or the battery is not sufficient for the way back. To such a dangerous situation not to be helpless, a GPS navigation device in addition to the Mastery orientation to map and compass should always only be the third option, which is used as an aid to navigation. Visit  loverists for sleeping bag buying guide.

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