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Nokia 3310 Comes Back With Snake

I belong to the generation who was still able to deal with the very first mobile phones, use them on a regular basis and grow up with the capabilities of the devices simultaneously. With my Nokia 3310 I could write under the schultisch blind SMS and composed my own ringtones. It is all the more difficult for me, as an old nostalgic, to get no joyful tears. Because Nokia misses the model 3310 a revival. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the company from Finland presented its new old mobile phone. Continue reading Nokia 3310 Comes Back With Snake

Huawei Mate S

Presented at IFA 2015, Huawei’s Mate is the new top range of the Chinese manufacturer, which has now gained the third place among companies of smartphones in the world. Mate S we used long Berlin during the event and we are ready now to tell you how it goes.

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

Huawei has distorted your architecture and in fact we have the usual Hi-Silicon proven Kirin 935 with Mali-T628 MP4 can offer excellent potential without exceeding in exaggerated consumption. This is not a particularly new or latest generation CPUS and Mate S is virtually identical to P8 since we also find 3 GB of RAM and a Full HD screen. Continue reading Huawei Mate S