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Moto X Style Is Unique

Moto 360 and Moto X style are a good pair. Both offer current technology and good appearance and can be arranged on request.But above all the Moto X style has to offer more than just good look thanks to top facilities at reasonable prices.

The most popular smartphones in the world be sold millions of times, running around in the major cities of tens of thousands of people carrying the same phone in your pocket. Wouldn’t it be nice, then, to have a real unique? A Smartphone, that there is only one time? Individualists have partly fulfilled this desire in the Moto X style, because they can assemble their desire Smartphone on the Internet itself. Also the new Smartwatch Moto 360 can be adapted to your needs-the cost is reasonable, narrow limits but the degree of freedom. Continue reading Moto X Style Is Unique

Variety of Systems For Smartphone Increases Risk Of Virus

Created a few years ago, mobile platforms are starting to be exploited more often by hackers

The variety of operating systems to smartphones and tablets is a challenge for information security companies. According to John Dasher, Senior Director of McAfee’s mobility, security companies are still adjusting to new difficulties brought by mobile devices. In a lecture held in the 11 Focus, Dasher addressed the challenges of security in the age of mobility. Continue reading Variety of Systems For Smartphone Increases Risk Of Virus

Snapdragon Wear W2100 For Smartwatches

The previous Smartwatches with Android Wear had all integrated an inappropriate processor because either it was the Snapdragon 400 chip, which was designed for smartphones and tablets, or it was an ancient TI chip as in the first Moto 360. From the new Year this could drastically change, especially as regards the size of the clocks and also the recharge times. Snapdragon Wear W2100 is the latest chip to provide. Continue reading Snapdragon Wear W2100 For Smartwatches

Motorola Launches Android Smartphone With Two Chips For R $800

With the launch of two models of low cost Android first in Brazil, Motorola wants to win over consumers in search of the first smartphone

With no release of great impact out of Brazil in recent months, Motorola announced on Wednesday (13), two new smartphones arriving first around here. The highlight is with the Razr D3, the most advanced of the line, which brings enhanced capabilities such as 1.2 GHz processor with two cores, 8 megapixel camera that also shoots in full HD, 4 inch screen and NFC (Near Field Communications). The product goes on sale in the coming weeks also in version with two chips, R $800. Continue reading Motorola Launches Android Smartphone With Two Chips For R $800

Sony Denies Exit of The Smartphone Market

Japanese company bets on three pillars to grow, including in Brazil: battery, camera and water protection

Contrary to what has been said recently, Sony is leaving the market for smartphones. The statement is of Ana Peretti, marketing director of the company in Brazil, who said also that it was all a misunderstanding. So much so that Kazuo Hirai, CEO of Sony, was on MWC 2015 to participate in a conversation with journalists and reaffirm the company’s commitment to its customers to smartphones, including the long term. According to Ana, the Sony, like several other smartphone makers, is adapting your business to improve your profitability. Continue reading Sony Denies Exit of The Smartphone Market

Flyer: Taiwan’s Tablet to Fight the Big Boys

While the giants are fighting for the tablet market, other companies are betting on the midi-tablets, lighter and easier to carry.

This is the case of the Flyer, HTC, which is almost the same dimensions as the Galaxy 7 “.Headquartered in Taiwan, HTC is one of the largest technology companies in the Asian market and the fifth largest handset maker in the world. Continue reading Flyer: Taiwan’s Tablet to Fight the Big Boys

ASUS: Google’s Smartwatches Are Late With Android Wear 2.0

From Google we expect more hardware in the near future, among other things also two first own Smartwatches with Android Wear and these are still planned. There have been various reports of Google’s Smartwatches over the past months, including Androidpolice, and even the first renderings (potential look at the design). As we know today, the colleagues at Google Leaks this year are particularly often to the point just right. Continue reading ASUS: Google’s Smartwatches Are Late With Android Wear 2.0

Nokia 3310 Comes Back With Snake

I belong to the generation who was still able to deal with the very first mobile phones, use them on a regular basis and grow up with the capabilities of the devices simultaneously. With my Nokia 3310 I could write under the schultisch blind SMS and composed my own ringtones. It is all the more difficult for me, as an old nostalgic, to get no joyful tears. Because Nokia misses the model 3310 a revival. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the company from Finland presented its new old mobile phone. Continue reading Nokia 3310 Comes Back With Snake