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Sunglasses Oakley, Superior Optical Technology

Oakley is a leading brand in the world of optics, standing out for their lenses quality and thoroughness of their mounts. It has a strong innovative character trying to always improve their material and design.

To get to be the best, Oakley lenses undergo demanding tests both internal and external to the brand.

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Specifications of Sunglasses

A review of the specifications and basic properties of sunglasses. Since recommendations for use up to a brief explanation of their contributions and characteristics.


-Regulations on protection levels:

The European standard EN 1836:2006 provides 5 levels ranging from lesser to greater protection, from 0 to 4 depending on the transmittance (the percentage of UV rays that pass through the lens):

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The Best Polarized Sunglasses of the Moment

They are one of the most popular supplements today. Not just because sunglasses, themselves, complement and enhance any look of day, but because the population is increasingly more aware of the importance that has the vision care.

And that not only involves visit at least once a year to the ophthalmologist and pay attention to any ailment or eye discomfort you may have, but also carries the eye protection against the impact of light and colors.

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Twilight Movie Fashion Style

For Breaking Dawn, one of the two final chapters of the saga Twilight which as many of you know revolves around the marriage of Bella Swan and the vampire Edward, the bride’s shoes were obviously wonderful dècolletès jewel designer Manolo Blahnik. Among other things, the stylist Spanish among the most beloved by celebrities and the fashion victim wanted to give these shoes princess named Swan Pumps, in honor of the character played by Kristen Stewart in the fourth film of a now successful series in world level! See Sunglasseswill for Italian rh+ sunglasses. Continue reading Twilight Movie Fashion Style