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7 Tricks that Every Woman Needs to Know about Bra

The bra is one of the intimate pieces worn by women.Lingerie ends up being one of her allies on a number of occasions, such as when they are going to choose a costume, and it is no wonder that burning the costume has become a symbol of women’s struggle for years.Well, since the bra is a worn piece, it is necessary for women to know all the tricks to use the piece. Continue reading 7 Tricks that Every Woman Needs to Know about Bra

Rio Grande Do Sul Who Prints The Sports Illustrated Bikini Edition

If flipping through the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition you came across a face-and a body-known, maybe you’re not crazy. Until a few years ago, the unkempt brown hair and the long legs of Sofia Resing paraded through the sands of the Imbé. In 2016, the 24-year-old port of Alegrense was the only Brazilian to be chosen for the very popular edition of the American magazine’s bathing suits, alongside celebrities such as supermodel Gigi Hadid, ex-lady Cristiano Ronaldo Irina Shayk and UFC star Round Rousey. Sofia answered questions from Donna magazine via e-mail at New York airport, where he has spent the rare moments of pause in the agenda. Check out excerpts from the interview below: Continue reading Rio Grande Do Sul Who Prints The Sports Illustrated Bikini Edition

Thamires Tancredi: after All, Who can Wear a Bikini?

Vanessa Braga is one of hundreds of girls who signed up for the Summer Girl contest, promoted by RBS TV. Last Sunday (18), the 14-year-old teenager paraded on the catwalk of Tchê Park as one of the candidates to represent the city of Canguçu, municipality of southern state, in the grand finale in Capão da Canoa, scheduled for February 28. Vanessa was in agreement with all the items of the Summer Girl regulation: she is single, without children, between 14 and 20 years old. Because he is a minor, he needed the permission of parents or legal guardians to participate. Oh, one more feature of Vanessa: she’s not skinny like most youthful modeletes – and maybe even fits into plus size sizes. With long strands of hair pinned to a ponytail – or tail, as the inhabitants of the South Half call it – and wearing a green bikini with a tropical print on top, she circled the pool as she held a sign with the number 11, procedure repeated by the other 10 girls who appeared before the jurors before her. Vanessa was not chosen as the Canguçu Summer Girl, but her photo does not stop to circulate in WhatsApp and on social networks – much more than any of the candidates already chosen for the final, incidentally.The reason? Vanessa wore a bikini. Continue reading Thamires Tancredi: after All, Who can Wear a Bikini?

Summer Bikinis Models

With summer coming, several people are already planning your vacations and holidays for sure look like a beach, hot places, anyway, since it’s summer, so let’s enjoy it. For this reason, we brought 45 2017 Summer Bikinis models for those who will take advantage of the vacation on the beach and you want to take a bath in the pool, take a Sun. Models are different, all to suit the taste of all people. Check out the pictures and choose the model that suits you. Continue reading Summer Bikinis Models

Strip Shows:10 Tips on How to Use Strappy Bra

That old story to hide the BRA under your clothes is out of fashion. The trend now is to use and abuse the Bras bra strappy model, with strips and geometric designs in the regions of the back and/or bust. The handles can have different thickness (thick or thin) and they are the ones who make the play to become the strong point of the look when you wear this type of top. Continue reading Strip Shows:10 Tips on How to Use Strappy Bra

Your Underwear Man And Swimwear

Broken two weeks where you can buy your favorite price brands. The site sells off its shelves and already offers discounts at 50%. To provide you with your tough week and prepare your holiday, sit back and shop quietly. We offer a selection of underwear and swimwear for men who like to pay attention to their look and their portfolio.

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Plus Size Model Ashley Graham

Large model size Ashley Graham continues to make a splash. Today, it is on social networks it shows all its beauty posing in a bikini.

In recent months, the models like Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner are competed by the models more size. With a mission to promote the diversity of the body and the sizes in the ruthless world of fashion, they are increasingly mediated. Among them, are Ashley Graham, a young

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Safe Travel for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. Yet she could actually turn into a nightmare!In fact, round and being pregnant is not already obvious when we have to suffer the preconceptions and judgments of others ; Bonus if you become pregnant during summer vacation, you can spend some difficult times.

To help you spend holidays by the sea in any zen, we decided to give you some advice.

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Brief history of the bikini

Here’s the story of the smallest swimsuit: the bikini. Since its appearance, it has never stopped thousand reactions.Sometimes, he charms, at other times, it shocks. In short, it leaves no one indifferent especially at the beach. After the story of the Jersey, here is one of the “itsi bitsi tini ouini, tiny, small, bikini! Gymnasts at the time of the Romans – around from 4e century – which would have been the first to “dare to” wear what could look like would be the ancestor of the bikini. On a mosaic from the Villa Romana Del Casale, in Italy, we see them wearing a blindfold covering her breasts and panties.

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