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Adrien Brody in The Cover of L’Officiel Hommes Korea

Adrien Brody is not no upstart in the world of fashion, rather we might say the opposite, that it is a Fashionista from head to toe. And he has not only shown with her looks – Street, both on the red carpet – that they are always the most commented, but that in addition, many brands know their pull and raffle it is. Continue reading Adrien Brody in The Cover of L’Officiel Hommes Korea

Tie, Bow Tie, Handkerchief

Used correctly, ties, loops and Einstecktücher complete the appearance of a man. Here you can do much right, wrong but a lot. The Gentleman Blog has checked with Stephan Hauner, owner of the Peacon Munich, a provider of exclusive men’s accessories. He explains, what accessories to whatever the occasion fits, what tie knots every man should know, and why the tie despite the Casualisierung of society not of extinction is threatened. Continue reading Tie, Bow Tie, Handkerchief

Wearing a Skinny Tie with a Suit

Today, things have become a little more complicated for men. There is a new level of consciousness and social connectivity that created an atmosphere where the fear of being considered is a part of everyday life. Take for example the male fashion. Not long ago, a T-shirt, jeans and a baseball cap sufficed as a complete wardrobe for most guys. With the advent of metrosexuality and Ryan Seacrest, many men are now trying a little harder to be elegant. skinny ties have made a comeback in recent times fade after their heyday in the 1960s, but their resurgence has given men an easy way to be stylish and sophisticated.

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The Difficult and Bright Yellow Tie

“To act with common sense and by far is the best wisdom”; Horace Walpole, English author.

The key to success lies in being different. When we want to achieve we have to do everything that others perhaps-would do, but dare not. And if there is a little color used for our tie that is yellow, so if we choose wisely our image will be highly favored, and especially singular.

We know that yellow is not suitable for the superstitious, and is banned in areas such as theater or bulls. But also that this primary color represents the leader of the cyclist round world ‘s most famous ( Le Tour de France), warning signs and, used when trying to identify a model sports car with a cheerful look or youth.

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