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8 Tips For Age-Appropriate Clothing

She is always back hot discussed in fashion circles: the question of what fashionable debauchery at what age are still appropriate. Just the summer ensures a headache. Also among the women who stand in front the mirror with ärmellosem top or short skirt and unsure: I can still wear it? Behind it lurks the fear of many mature women over 40, to make ridiculous 50 or 60 years, by too many fashionable bonds in the Youth Department . Or – on the contrary – to maneuver in the mature age in the case of invisibility. Continue reading 8 Tips For Age-Appropriate Clothing

Swim Shorts, Swimming Trunks, Or Bathing Suit, What Will Wear On The Beach?

August is coming and with it (hopefully all) the Sun. For all those who have the privilege to be able to take a vacation by the sea by this time gray and winding it is high time, if it is not already, choose your swimsuit for summer 2011.

Continue reading Swim Shorts, Swimming Trunks, Or Bathing Suit, What Will Wear On The Beach?

Golden Point Underwear Collection

Golden Point focuses on an intriguing style for her new underwear collection fall winter 2013 2014, a full line of garments and coordinated sensual and stylish shapes that does not forget and most cheeky colors. The winter proposal also includes this year’s Golden Point creations signed SiSiPhilippe MatignonGolden Lady and many others, all items that stand out for style, sophistication, attention to detail, but also close attention to the coolest trend of the period. Continue reading Golden Point Underwear Collection

Sièlei Underwear

SièLe, Italian fashion brand specializing in lingerie women, has chosen to present his new collection autumn winter 2012 2013 in a simple and very basic catalog featuring Raffaella Fico, the new testimonial of the brand, which, judging by the ultra flat stomach that sports in shots, must have posed for the photo shoot when even his much-discussed pregnancy had not yet become gossip. But what wears the Italian showgirl? Many lingerie complete, basic but very sensual, which are inspired by the fifties, an era that many designers have chosen to evoke in their collections for the cold season. Continue reading Sièlei Underwear