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Clothes Color for Spring

Finally came my lovely spring!
As a child I lived in a house with a big garden where there were many trees: lemon, apricot, blackberry, orange… among all these there were also those of peach and not just I, looking out to the balcony, I could see that the flowers blossoming of these trees, I realized that they were coming to “warm weather.” Continue reading Clothes Color for Spring

Vintage And Retro: Style For Those Born In The Wrong Decade

Did you fuck with the costumes from the movie Grease? Does Audrey Hepburn act as muse? Or would you do anything to get back to the golden age of disco music? If the answer to one of these questions is “yes,” then you are probably “born at the wrong time”, meaning you identify more with the vintage and retro style than with the current one. Continue reading Vintage And Retro: Style For Those Born In The Wrong Decade

The Vintage Ethical Choice

Some time ago, in one of my afternoons when I wandered on the web, I came across portal that initially fascinated me for its graphic construction and the care with which the contents are presented. I did not realize, however, where I had come across, I had not intended to be happened in one of the large containers of European vintage. Oh well, I’m a lover of all things retro, used, vintage, etc. etc. I ceeeertamente have all understood, so as you can imagine, I went off into this site to fully understand what really trattasse.Bene, ANGELO is practically one of the selling points of vintage clothing and accessories largest in Europe, as well as archive reference for professionals in the fashion industry interested in the subject.

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How to Wear Vintage Clothes and Look Good

Vintage clothing are something of a collector’s item for women who like to dress well. What exactly is vintage clothing and how to get dressed in vintage clothing? Vintage clothing refers to clothes that are old or style that goes back a few decades, but it still remains a classic statement of fashion.

You can fall in love with your vintage sweatshirts at Hbbltd but you must remember that you are committing some blunders so do not wear vintage clothes in the right way. To learn how to vintage dress. And learn how to accessorize, so you look good and chic chic and not how you went from another century.

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Lady Gaga Chooses Again Vintage Dresses Versace for Much Music Awards

Yet Versace vintage designer clothes for Lady Gaga. For his last performance at Much Music Awards in Toronto, she chose four different outfits, all coming from Gianni Versace. In this period the singer seems to have fallen in love with the House’s Medusa: we indeed dressed in Versace also at Europride in Rome, with a skirt of the atelier, and in his latest video The edge of glory. Nicola Formichetti, her stylist and Creative Director of Mugler, seems to point a lot on clothe s vintage Versace (http://www.elaineqho.com/2016/04/19/the-basic-10-tips-to-care-for-your-vintage-clothing-554.html)!

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