Nooka With Sassy Designer Watches

Many have already heard of the Nooka brand. Many others not. This post is to bring you the brand somewhat closer and help you to understand the concept behind Nooka. History Nooka was founded in 2004 by the graphic designer Matthew Waldman. Initially it was just a side project with which he wanted to bring […]


Swatch Lacquered Watches Provide Deep Insights

Swatch has once again thought up something special and sweeten us the spring start with the new trendy Lacquered models. The design of the New Gent Lacquered collection was specifically designed to create an eye catcher: the watches are characterized by stylish and fashionable gloss lacquer surfaces. 

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Google More Innovative Than Apple?

Apple has been a fairly innovative company in the past few years, because in recent history Steve Jobs and his team have invented the MP3 player, the smartphone and also the tablet. However, some people now see a twisted world, namely Google as significantly more innovative than Apple.

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Among Wristwatches

The topic has been a bit overshadowed here on Manolo. At the same time, it is not possible to ignore a nice striking relevance to klädselns overall impression. These six models that get the heart beating a little extra.


Snapdragon Wear W2100 For Smartwatches

The previous Smartwatches with Android Wear had all integrated an inappropriate processor because either it was the Snapdragon 400 chip, which was designed for smartphones and tablets, or it was an ancient TI chip as in the first Moto 360. From the new Year this could drastically change, especially as regards the size of the clocks and […]

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Freitagsfund: Vintage Watches by Olivia Burton

Freitagsfund: Vintage watches by Olivia Burton In today’s Friday, I would like to introduce you to the vintage inspired watches by Olivia Burton. But behind this name is not the name of the company founder or chief designer, but the two Londoners Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings. The two love nostalgia and decided to create […]


ASUS: Google’s Smartwatches Are Late With Android Wear 2.0

From Google we expect more hardware in the near future, among other things also two first own Smartwatches with Android Wear and these are still planned. There have been various reports of Google’s Smartwatches over the past months, including Androidpolice, and even the first renderings (potential look at the design). As we know today, the colleagues at […]