Tannoy Revolution DC6 T SE in the Test

Tannoy has republished Edition the revolution DC6 T in a special. Where the differences are, and above all our test shows whether the new version sounds differently.

Oops, these Tannoy box seems vaguely familiar. No wonder: Until a few differences there are the revolution DC6 T SE without “Special Edition” in the name. Our test device offers for around 300 euros extra charge a somewhat bigger stand, a dark wood veneer, more powerful chassis and a revised crossover. Here the question arises, whether the extra cost compared to the normal version at all is justified. Therefore, AUDIO has spared no effort to organize a pair of speakers from the “normal” revolution DC6 T for a listening comparisons . More on this later…

Tannoy revolution DC6 T SE: construction

The revised version of the legendary Dual-concentric driver measures 15 centimeters and has a membrane of a special mixture of paper. A titanium tweeter, which, uses sound management as the first speakers with this coaxial design – the “Tulip Tannoy’s patented” – sits in its Center. These should affect the dispersion of the tweeter and thereby also distortion achieve a better efficiency at a lower. Up to 1.7 kHz supports a low-midrange driver the coax. The diameter and the membrane material in both is doing the same.

The Tannoy developers went all drivers of the Special Edition a second magnet, to elicit more dynamics and precision with the newfound power of the box. As is this improved coordination but also the driver, unnecessary components flew out kuzerhand design of the turnout and the HF filter got applied a gutmütigere 6 DB edge steepness. The high-quality, silver-coated internal wiring completes the soft package eventually.

Hearing test

Because they were so in the listening room, the DC6 T SE and their older version of simpleton. Close and flush: 300 Euro fee worth it definitely! As compared to its slightly lower sister special sounded Edition with the deliciously Tuneful “down down” by Yasmin tourist stronger in tone. Despite the substance-rich nature of the revised Tannoy coax delighted with his lightning agility and his deceptively precise figure: one might think to see run the Mellotron tapes with the flute samples (known from “strawberry fields” by the Beatles) before him. The bass was enough, however, not quite as low down as the other standing speakers in the test field. However, never had the impression that it was missing the bass line, or kick drums of pressure. Only when the dreaded bass messy, as in Mr. Oizos “Flat 55” (analog worms attack), the Tannoy came finally to its mechanical limits.

The forgiven that Tester but quickly T SE, than with their actual strength showed off the revolution DC6, are also popular for Tannoy boxes: the usage of the Tannoy in the concise intro of “Hotel California” Eagles was impressed with an amazing dynamic and remarkably precise imaging of punchy drum vortex at the beginning of the recording. In terms of dynamics, it was not only their cheaper sister, but also all other test candidates – up on the epic, which actually still – maintained with mercilessly in the shade.