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Protect your precious machine, she deserves it! Then after have already proposed you tests of accessories to enhance your iPhone, here’s a new review of an iPhone case, this one is French since proposed by Noreve society, located in Saint-tropez.

The model tested here is the ‘Apple iPhone tradition leather case’ model sand vintage.

So let’s see in image and comments that gives this case after some two months of intensive use !

First impression
Noreve, it’s a brand associated with Saint Tropez, she must therefore reflect an art of French living so be nicely package and be of good quality while being not necessarily cheap ;-). But beware, it is not in the crazy prices of luxury.

At the reception, the case is actually very well presented in a transparent package design and a cardboard box all black with noreve St. Tropez of Registrant top.

At the opening, we find the case itself, as well as the necessary to hang it on the belt (we come back later).

Quality of the case, side (it’s still the sinews of war!) the impression is immediately excellent. The seams are sharp, accurate (not a thread exceeds) and are perfectly adjusted to a regular from the outside distancer (this is very different from some cases that can be cross sometimes especially at low prices and from China).

The leather itself on this model ‘vintage’ looks unique, soft, not bright as seen often. It’svery pleasant to the touch, looking robust and rather original without being flashy at all.The qualifier of vintage suits him very well, a leather a bit old-fashioned I guess.

After clicking on the link below !

A small pellet of metal with the noreve logo is located on the face before, this is very discreet and allows to raise the front main, rather elegant!

The iPhone slides into its cover by opening the top, without any problem, it is perfectly adjusted : it is possible to come and go the iPhone without forcing. Use and over time, it may be that the phone slides if you switch the cover forward abruptly in open position, it’s pretty rare but should be similarly wary.

Openings are planned for the volume buttons as well as the synchronization, light and proximity sensors and speakers of the iPhone. The sound is nevertheless a little attenuated, especially case closed, but the maximum was done before the sound can move in the open position.

A flap closes the entire top, ensuring complete protection extremely machineagainst scratches, but also against a possible fall and shocks. The front of the Holster is rigid as well as being quilted, low risk breaking screen by light shock to fear (but do not count resist a move under a car ;-))

It should be noted that the back closing flap protects also the eyecup from the AFN, it is very well seen. The flap is magnetic along its length while this is not visible to the naked eye, thus avoiding unsightly pressure button of our great mothers ;-).

Finally, a round opening to connect the headset is also provided on the upper part (we’ll come back right after)

The inside of the Holster is made of plastic with an inscription ‘noreve’ regularly prepared and two slots for credit cards are included in the front.

A belt clip is also comes with the case. To mount it will replace the small rear shiny screw by a leg she also metal (simply screw a suitable screwdriver is provided), who comes to clipper in a plastic clip to hang from the belt. Nothing wrong, this one is very good and gives confidence. Withdraws the cover by pressing the top of the clip, classic.

In practice, the case seems to age well (2 months of daily use), it takes a somewhat darker patina, the logo remains shiny and the seams have not moved.

I hold only two disadvantages that it will be good to have in mind at the time of the choice. So, for those who are heavy users of the headphones or music for telephony, it is not possible to open the case while the audio socket key. It will be necessary to turn it off, then letting the sound out of the opening time.

The second minor drawback is that the front flap hangs a little oddly below the machine when you phone.

All this to say that the case will be ideal with a bluetooth headset.

This is a stylish, quirky without being conspicuous, high qualitycase, with however a constraint for those who use a lot the helmet of the iPhone. Nevertheless I’ve chosen for my personal use among the many that I could test. It is also available in other colours and other types of leather Noreve website.

You will find below the summary table popularized by ToMa for this case.
Finally, since he must speak of money at one time or another, at the time of the writing of this test Plan 52.99 euros for this cover Apple iPhone in colors ‘vintage’ dark, passion or sand
While the same model classic leather says ‘tradition’ you cost 42.99 euros. The port fee of 5 euros for the France.

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