Thamires Tancredi: after All, Who can Wear a Bikini?

Vanessa Braga is one of hundreds of girls who signed up for the Summer Girl contest, promoted by RBS TV. Last Sunday (18), the 14-year-old teenager paraded on the catwalk of Tchê Park as one of the candidates to represent the city of Canguçu, municipality of southern state, in the grand finale in Capão da Canoa, scheduled for February 28. Vanessa was in agreement with all the items of the Summer Girl regulation: she is single, without children, between 14 and 20 years old. Because he is a minor, he needed the permission of parents or legal guardians to participate. Oh, one more feature of Vanessa: she’s not skinny like most youthful modeletes – and maybe even fits into plus size sizes. With long strands of hair pinned to a ponytail – or tail, as the inhabitants of the South Half call it – and wearing a green bikini with a tropical print on top, she circled the pool as she held a sign with the number 11, procedure repeated by the other 10 girls who appeared before the jurors before her. Vanessa was not chosen as the Canguçu Summer Girl, but her photo does not stop to circulate in WhatsApp and on social networks – much more than any of the candidates already chosen for the final, incidentally.The reason? Vanessa wore a bikini.

Publication by Prefeitura de Canguçu .

Fernanda Gentil is a journalist, presenter of the program Globo Esporte and was one of the most requested professionals of the transmitter during the coverage of the World Cup, last year. Last Tuesday (20), the 28-year-old reporter chose the same program that other locals love for their free time: she spent the day at the beach. With the heat of cracking that the thermometers denounced during the last week in the state of Rio de Janeiro, she took the opportunity to refresh herself in the water and strengthen the tan. Hours later, news portal R7, the web arm of Record, published a story with the following title:”Expectation x reality: see what happens when Fernanda Gentil takes off her clothes”.The note followed with a generous photo gallery of a smiling Fernanda on the beach. In the legends, terms like cellulite, straight butt and even”compliments” to Globo’s costume designer were multiplied, which”manages to disguise imperfections so well”. The reason? Fernanda wore a bikini.

Betty Faria is a 73 year old actress with a resume that lists more than 30 novels, 20 movies and two covers of Playboy. In mid-2013, after spending 15 sick days in bed – as she told TPM magazine – Betty went to the beach to celebrate her recovery. In a bikini, he took a dip and took wave “alligator style chest”, as he learned eabthe first of the none-encouraging calls she would receive that day. “So detonating you,” revealed her manager. After having a paparazzo’s flicks posted on celebrity websites, the eternal Tieta saw it multiply in social networks critical of the costume chosen to, well, go to the beach. The reason? Betty wore a bikini.

After all, what bothers the eyes so much and vibrates the tongues of the world when women like Vanessa, Fernanda and Betty wear the two pieces of beachwear? It can only be the self love that this trio has to spare.

Like the other 10 contestants who came on the Tchê Park stage on that sunny Sunday, Vanessa wanted to participate and, perhaps, be chosen as the Canguçu Summer Girl – because she has nothing different from the other girls, besides the mannequin number. But was there a rule about the size of the waistline of those who wanted to apply? Obviously not. There was also no restriction on weight, height, color of hair or eyes in the regulation – characteristics that are unique to each of the adolescents. Vanessa was able to run like any girl in the county between the ages of 14 and 20, and she did. Vanessa is no different than any of the other Summer Girl candidates. Vanessa just is not equal to the sofa-and-smartphone critics who saw trouble in a girl who wears more than size 36 to participate in a beauty pageant. There are those who say that Vanessa needed the courage to wear a bikini and go up on that stage because she wanted to “break paradigms”, but I think what she had was just will. The willingness to participate in a beauty pageant because she probably looks in the mirror and looks as pretty and normal as the thin-haired friend – and she is. Because Vanessa, like many other people out there, does not feel different for breaking the rules – and it’s not. Vanessa may have never heard of feminism and empowerment, but she knows that wearing a bikini is as much her right as any of the other candidates. Shame, estrangement, and prejudice came from someone who, unfortunately, believes that Vanessa has some reason to hide her own body.

It is the same petty thought that led the editor of the R7 portal to gather the photos of Fernanda Gentil and say that she deceived those who saw her on TV by proposing an “expectation x reality”. The headline continued with the inviting and clickable title “see what happens when Fernanda Gentil takes off her clothes”. Do you know what happens when Fernanda takes off her clothes? She gets naked. And just. In fact, not naked, because, like any other woman who goes to the beach, the journalist was in a bikini. But for the author of the note, Fernanda was the liar of the century because, along with “the costume designer of Globo, manages to disguise all imperfections”. Doubt that does not leave my head: does anyone remember to have turned on the television and seen Fernanda say that, unlike the rest of the world, does not have any cellulite? Me neither. As if the situation was no longer complicated for the gossip site, the hostess countered criticism by announcing that she was pregnant for two months. Not that she needed justification for her belly-which is hers and does not occupy the space of anybody in the world-but can it be any better? Has. A few hours later, the portal took the matter out of the air – not without being overwhelmed by swearing, of course – and the director of the site sent an email apologizing. Look:
We deeply regret that the photo gallery with Fernanda Gentil taking advantage of the beach in Rio de Janeiro may have embarrassed the journalist, especially at this particular moment in the life of any woman, which is pregnancy. We even opted to remove it from the air.

Classify that it is, Fernanda not only accepted but also made it a point to raise some topics that really should generate controversy and turn agenda around:

And life goes on, with all of us giving importance to what we really deserve and striving for a better world not only for mine, but for all the children that are, and who come around. I felt great joy knowing that I am so dear, and even a little bit delicious, yes. But I was ashamed to be so talked about today, one day when we should be acting more so that Ricardos [a survivor brutally killed in Santa Catarina] and Larissas [the victim of a stray bullet in Rio] do not leave us so early. Apologies accepted, Record. Because forgiveness is one of the first virtues I want to teach my son.

Reproduction of the material of the portal R7

Do you know what other virtue people like Fernanda also probably teach for their children? That everyone grows old – and that’s cause for gratitude and pride. This is the discernment that is lacking for those who criticize women who, like Betty Faria, wear a bikini at age 73. Or the forty-year-old miniskirts, the fifty-somethings who go to the mall with a bout. Is there any law in the Constitution that obliges citizens, from a certain age, to leave their favorite clothes in the closet? In a libertarian country like Brazil, in theory, of course not. But it was with the eagerness to pursue a criminal that the patrol-cricri-of-social-networks called Betty “old baranga, dislocated, without a mirror.” Only witty, the actress wrote a text for the magazine Lola in which confessed that, when the anger passed, she even thought of covering more.

“So you want me to go to the burqa beach, to hide, to be ashamed of having grown old?” And my freedom? Said Betty in the publication.

“After so many dietary restrictions, remedies to take, exercises to be done, vices to avoid, all of my own age, I still have to go on a burqa?” And pleasure, joy, my mood? He added.

No, Betty. Dissidents are those who think that the years lived are cause to be ashamed and behave like someone on the verge of death, who has no right to go to the beach, take a caipirinha and wear a bikini.Old people are those who, in their 20s, believe that a girl can not apply for a beauty pageant because she does not have Gisele Bündchen’s body. Without a mirror they are the ones who cry out that a woman is fooling someone by walking the sand “revealing” cellulites. Because, after all, everyone can wear bikinis.Vanessa, Fernandas and Bettys out there: the coastline and pools of this scorching summer are all yours.