The 17 Beautiful Skin and Healthy Commandments

Skin, her beautiful, forgive us for all the sins I’ve committed against her beauty.

Not only expensive treatments live a beautiful and healthy skin. Often, the answer for many of the ills that affect is found in the basic routine of care, which can even spare you later have to toast the salary with cosmetic procedures. With that in mind, we create a script with the do’s and don’ts when it comes to skin. She deserves!

1-The Makeup .. Before Bed

“The accumulation of residues leads to clogged pores, gateway to blackheads and pimples,” warns Daniela rudders, dermatologist of Brazilian Society of Dermatology (RJ). Worst: can degrade the collagen and elastin fibers (responsible for the firmness of the skin) AND accelerate the aging process. Guys, what are you waiting for to make the makeup remover your best friend? More details in the report why you shouldn’t sleep with makeup (ever).

2-Wash, Tone up and Moisturize

The three steps have a mission to remove impurities from the skin, balance your pH and leave it smooth and soft, respectively. Each of these steps, which should never be skipped, must in any event be repeated in the morning and at night, closed?

3-Exfoliate in the Right Measure

Invest in a procedure twice a week to remove dead cells and ensure a renewed face. “Oily Skins are asking more often: three times is the ideal,” recommends Murilo Drummond, Brazilian society of Dermatology dermatologist (RJ). But first, it is important to make sure that your skin is extremely sensitive, not as the Exfoliating beads can hurt her.

4-Use Sunscreen Before Leaving the House (and the Reapply Throughout the Day)

Do this every 2 hours. But, if a dip in water or note that transpired too, pass the product again immediately. Oh, and the recommendation of dermatologists is that the filter has at least 30 SPF and offers protection against UVA and UVB RAYS, to avoid skin cancer and photoaging.

5-Squeeze No Pimples

Never play with fire: an innocent nudge can result in scarring and infections in the region. Even better is to identify the causes of acne for the most appropriate treatment is indicated by the dermatologist. Pulsed light facials, peelings and drying lotions are some of them.

6-You Will Treat the Skin During the Sleep

It is our sleep that happens the cell renewal. And that’s a great leave to apply cosmetics to night time use: how the skin is clean and free of external interference (sun, pollution, …), it becomes more receptive to the formula, which act throughout the rest period. We have several suggestions on gallery night treatment: 40 beauty products that act during sleep.

7-Invest Only in Specific Products for Your Skin

Know the flood of products which we have mentioned in previous threads? They all must be compatible with your skin type, dry, oily, or sensitive that act directly on your needs. After all, what good would it do, for example, use a moisturizer that control sebum production when, in fact, you need extra hydration?

8-Throw away expired products

Knocking off your cosmetic or favorite makeup can be a painful task but, if you have maxed out the expiration date, it is the prudent thing to do. Acne, allergies and even conjunctivitis are among the risks incurred by those who ignore the deadline. “In addition, the products may lose effectiveness and not deliver the desired results,” points out Murilo Drummond.

9-Will Face, But don’t Forget the Rest of the Body

Many times, we strive so hard to find the best treatments for the face (after all, is the first to report the signs of age), that we end up neglecting other areas worthy of being remembered. There is no escape: use sunscreen and moisturize all the body daily is also necessary, mainly dry areas, case of elbows and knees.

10-Drink Plenty of Water

The liquid promotes a real hydration from the inside out, and eliminates toxins harmful to skin. With the daily intake of two liters (at least!), she gains firmness and healthy appearance.

11-Wash My Makeup Brushes

“When dirty, the tools facilitate the proliferation of fungi and bacteria and increase the chances of pipocarem skin irritation,” Daniela Rudders. To avoid this situation, cleaning should be done every 15 days with mild soap or specific product for brushes. Learn more at the right and wrong time to wash your makeup brushes.

12-Don’t Drink or Smoke During Wildly

Bad habits produce oxidative stress and aging of all cells of the body, including the skin. “The fine lines of the lips of smokers also get evidence, and there is an increased risk of developing cancer in the region,” Murilo Drummond. Already the excessive consumption of alcohol can result in swelling of the face and the congestion of the eyelids.

13-Sleep Well

During the night, as we have already mentioned, oxygenates body cells and also combat free radicals (responsible for premature aging) with greater ease. When there is not a proper sleep routine, this process obviously does not happen. Instead, the dreaded dark circles and the freshness of the skin takes missing tea. “To avoid trouble, sleep 8 hours a day,” advises Murilo Drummond.

14-Don’t stress for Nothing

Spend nervous increases the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in the blood, which is linked to skin diseases such as acne and seborrhoeic dermatitis. “On the other hand, keep the optimism helps improve the freshness and muscle contraction,” said Daniela Rudders.

15-Practice Physical Exercise

Put the skeleton to move the turbine muscle tone (Goodbye, sagging), accelerates metabolism, regulates the functioning of the intestines, improves circulation and, consequently, the appearance of the skin. During the workout, it also happens the release of endorphins, which provides a huge sense of well-being.

16-Food Consumirás Friends of the Skin

The whole diet should be balanced. But there are delicacies with consumption reflects directly on the appearance of the skin, helping to slow aging. “They are rich in antioxidants, which protect the cells of the organism, and vitamins,” says Daniela Rudders. The team is great: broccoli, salmon, strawberry, peanut butter, olive oil, egg, cucumber, oats, walnuts, apple …

17-Visit the Dermatologist

Of course, the frequency may vary according to the characteristics and needs of each skin, but ideally, you tap the card Office at least once a year for a full check-up.

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